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TKM® Levels 7&8 (2-day)

02-17-2023 - 02-18-2023
LocationKing Institute LLC

We have recently conducted three classes and two of them have been only live streamed online attendance. There were great reviews and requests for more. It actually changed into a higher flow of uninterrupted information that was in ways refreshing and powerful for students based on feedback. Therefore, we are going to taking the next obvious step by requests of this two day TKM Levels 7&8.  Levels 7&8 is the more advanced teaching on volumes 3&4 TKM Textbook. Just like the Levels 5&6 class was on the volumes 1&2 Textbook.

This class immediately begins with learning a deeper understanding of the information in TKM Volumes 3&4. This class is for a more solid understanding of this powerfully effective knowledge to help family members, or as a health professional.

Certificate of Completion provided to all registered students!

Instructor: Dr. Glenn T. King,. PhD, CDN, CN

Location: King Institute, LLC

Time: Feb. 17th-18th; 9:30am-4pm (Fri-Sat)

Prerequisites: Completion of Levels 1-4

Tuition: $300 (Discounted)

Tuition (review students): $300

Register Now: Attendance is available Online: Contact the Institute after registering (214) 731-9795

Please register Now for Each Person Attending. One device per person, unless we are notified prior of additional registered students.  

We will send you an access link just prior to class. Contact office for any questions!

$ 300.00

TKM® Special Pulses, Body biography and TKM Assessment Training

03-03-2023 - 03-04-2023
LocationFrisco, TX
This special focus seminar will cover more in-depth information on energy pulses like listening to pulses, understanding pulses, textures, pulse puzzles, and other aspects related to TKM energy pulses.
There will be hands-on sessions involving learning more about detecting and achieving better results with pulses during TKM® sessions.
This will include one-on-one checking and training to improve accuracy, plus learning about what is chronic in pulses compared to current condition responses. Instructor will pay individual attention to each attendee to help in areas needed by each individual to be more efficient with pulses in all aspects. This special training will provide a great growth advantage over all other pulse training offered.  We also need a variety of pulse patterns on people for an effective learning experience. 
Body Biography looks at the shape, form, and positioning of the body due to improper energy functioning (Energy Spheres and pathways) for understanding and the TKM® choices for resolution. It helps understand symptoms, issues, and pulses better through comparative confirmation. You will never look at people the same way again! Sign up today for this exciting class in-person for the best learning experience. 
TKM Analysis: We also introduce for the first time this training on TKM perspective analysis on individuals for deducing energy congestions, whether energy lack or excess, symptoms, pulses, attitudes, and body biography as well as other aspects to understanding chronic congestion leading to disorders for addressing root causes for true resolution and freedom.   Join us! Register today! 

This class is available online and in-person! This combined training has been requested for over two years and is now available, so register now!  See special discount note! 

Instructor: Dr. Glenn T. King,. PhD, CDN, CN

Location: King Institute, LLC

Time: March 3rd-4th; 9:30am-4pm (Fri-Sat)

Prerequisites: Only Completion of Levels 1-2

Tuition: $300 (Discounted)

Tuition (review students): $300

Deposit: $150 (required at registration)

Note: $120 discount on tuition for those attending in-person!

Register: Attending Online: Contact the Institute after registering (214) 731-9795

Please Register Now for each person attending. 

Only those registered will receive the streaming link. Only individuals registered will receive certificate and credit for this training - for future needs. 

$ 300.00

TKM® Wonderfully Made Baby Class

03-17-2023 - 03-18-2023
LocationKing Institute LLC

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"Wonderfully Made"

A Guide for Helping Parents and Parents-to-Be.

This is a very special class on the book Wonderfully Made.  The class contains so much valuable information concerning male and female fertility, pregnancy, birth, baby, and up through toddler age, including addressing more than the common possible complications. This is vital information for any preparing to-be-parents, parents, grandparents, and any person related to children. The book is included and is in full color with many special illustrations.

This class is for everyone that desires a healthy and natural pregnancy, child, and parents, or for someone you may know.  There will be added videos and PowerPoint presentations to assist in this learning process that will not be in the book. 

Instructor: Glenn King, PhD, CDN, CN

Location: King Institute LLC Online

Time: March 17th-18th; 9:30am-4pm

Prerequisite: None (preferred completed Level 1&2)

Tuition: ONLY $250.00

Deposit: $125 (required at registration)

NO Discounts, This information is too valuable to miss.

Register: Attendance may be available in-person and will be Online: For online, contact the Institute after registering (214) 731-9795. Online Students must register a minimum of 2 weeks prior to class so that your materials can be mailed to you in time. SO REGISTER NOW!

$ 250.00

TKM® Self-Help and EMT Seminar (1-Day)

LocationKansas City, MO

TKM® EMT and Self-Help Seminar

 Take charge of your health, for you and your family!

This seminar is based on TKM® EMT and Self-help manuals and reveals vital information on how bio-electromagnetic energy and our environment affect our health and how to recover from its effects.  Attendees learn natural procedures which has shown to be highly effective for improving health and reversing health issues.

The TKM® EMT book includes highly effective and vital procedures for health emergency situations like heart attack. asthma attack, anaphylaxis, stopping seizures, stop internal or external bleeding, and much more. 

The TKM® Self-Help book includes the blueprint of the energy sphere locations that influence all the physiological systems in the body. The procedures in this seminar are simplified to mostly one step applications. The manual includes an index that provides appropriate (simplified) applications for many disorders, easy for anyone to use.

TKM® seminarsare only provided by certified or contracted instructors of King Institute, LLC.

Prerequisites: None

Tuition: $175.00  (Do NOT register from this site)

Discounts available for repeat students, Inquire at: to register!

     Includes: TKM® EMT and Self-Help books for new students

     Location: Kansas City, MO

Date/Time: March 7th: 10am - 5pm (Register at:

Instructor:  Evan EuDaly

Register: Please contact Evan EuDaly ASAP at

to inquire for any details and to register!


$ 175.00

TKM® Introductory Levels 1&2 Seminar

04-27-2023 - 04-29-2023
LocationKansas City, MO

TKM Levels 1&2

This is a condensed three day teaching on the principles of TKM.

Instructor: Evan EuDaly

Location: kansas City, MO

Time: April  27th -29th

Prerequisites: None (prefer an TKM® EMT or Self-help class, but not required)

Tuition In-person: $350

Time: 10am-5pm

Registration: Contact directly at:  to inquire for any details and to register!

Come and learn to understand how to help yourself, family, and others in a totally natural way for all health needs.  Don't miss it! 

Important Note: Level 1 or Level 2 may not be attended separately.



$ 350.00

TKM® Training - Levels 3 & 4 (3-day)

05-26-2023 - 05-27-2023
LocationKansas City, MO

This 2-day TKM® Levels 3&4 seminar covers more in-depth TKM® subjects not addressed in Levels 1 or 2.  Participants will understand more about complex health issues and the progression of disorders to distinguish between causes and symptoms.

Participants will also understand how seemingly unrelated disorders, that often seem minor, can lead to serious conditions and even fatal issues, if not properly addressed.

The TKM® Levels 3&4 book is filled with additional applications not found in Levels 1&2 or other TKM® books.  It provides a much broader range of applications and specific applications to help resolve most possible health disorders when coupled with Levels 1&2 material and understanding. This is a major part of what makes this special seminar important for family care and professional care. 

FEE: $300.00 (Do NOT register on this site, contact:

Instructor: Evan Eudaly

Time: May 26th - 27th 2023.

Register: Please contact Evan EuDaly ASAP at 

to inquire for any details and to register now!


$ 300.00

Special TKM Topic- 6th Stratum Correlations Deep Dive

06-23-2023 - 06-24-2023
LocationKansas City, MO



$ 300.00

Special TKM Topic- Correlations to Food Additives, Drugs and Supplements

07-28-2023 - 07-29-2023
LocationKansas City, MO



$ 300.00