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Special TKM® Levels 1&2 (Introductory Presentation and Training 4-day Seminar)

10-05-2021 - 10-08-2021
LocationKing Institute LLC

This special TKM® training is based on a new approach for teaching/learning TKM® Introductory Levels 1&2 in a new structured way in preparation for the current and coming generations - that will be in the technology we're developing for the future of TKM®.

This more focused 4-full-day educational training provides an extraordinary learning experience in fresh way to understand and utilize TKM®, as it serves best in the design to learn how to produce the most benefit in your efforts of helping yourself and others heal naturally or increase state of health. 

This level course has been the most life changing learning experience of all TKM® seminars, but is now designed to be an even better learning approach for all. 

The basic principles of how the bio-electromagnetic systems function in the body are explained, as well as how to use them for best results that anyone can learn and accomplish. The Energy Sphere locations will be illustrated, demonstrated, practiced, and is the first basic blueprint in understanding all TKM® applications in any books now or future.

Attendees will also learn in-depth pulse-reading in relation to organ energy and pathways. This is vital to distinguish between symptoms and cause, enabling you to discern the most effective application(s) to restore health, while learning about the true cause of disorders.  This promises to be an exciting adventure for new and review students.  

Instructor:  Glenn T. King, PhD, CDN, CN

Location: King Institute's Better Health Center

Time: July 6th - 9th (Tuesday - Friday) Postponed until October 5th (5th - 8th/ Tuesday -Friday).   

Prerequisites: None (prefer an TKM® EMT or Self-help class, but not required)

Tuition In-person: $1,195 Only $795.00

Deposit: $400 (required at registration)

Special BONUS: Included is a 5-day Levels 1&2 Training Seminar on DVDs $150 (valued $1,195.00) that you can review over and over (optional). Comes with extra book and handouts (PDFs), additional books discounted, or get DVD set alone as a student of the class.

Register: Attendance is available in-person or Online: NOTE: For online, contact the Institute after registering (214) 731-9795. Online attendees must register minimum of 2 weeks before seminar so that your materials can be mailed to you in time. 

Whether attending in-person or online the registration process is the same, just contact our office after registration if attending onine.   

Review students In-person Tuition (discounted): $595.00 (deposit $400)

Online Students (discounted): $595.00 (deposit $400) Attending Spouses 50% discount. 

Notice: ALL Attendees Online on one/same computer are required to be registered!

Certificates and additional benefits will be awarded to all registered attendees.  


$ 795.00