What is termed as Lyme disease is a distraction from what is really taking place across America and beyond. Find out the truth and facts about this terrible disease and why it is far more easily contracted than people are told.
It is predicted to be the #1 infectious disease in the USA in 2018.  It has become a much more complex issue and wide spread due to the lack of knowledge about it and standard treatments that don't work, but usually result in spreading the disease and making it more difficult to treat and diagnose.
You may be surprised to find that even you are likely to have some level of this hideous disease that causes so much suffering and an increasing number of deaths - that most often is misdiagnosed for many other diseases or disorders. 
We will not only provide the facts/truth about Lyme disease, but will provide ways to detect and successfully rid your body of this infectious disease. If you are around a person with Lyme, it is important to find out ways to effectively protect yourself because it is infectious far beyond what people are told, despite what the best experts in standardized medicine say about this infectious bacteria, because they've not been informed of it's full potential, especially from the government. 
There is too much to explain in this short message to present all the reasons why this free lecture is so important for you to attend, just come and find out!  Free and only one hour of your time! 
THE LECTURE IS FREE! We desire for everyone to be able to attend and made aware of the these vital facts.