The Medicine Of The Future - Available Now!

There is a reason why Alternative Medicine Digest featured TKM® on their cover, and publications like The Definitive Guide to Alternative Medicine, Miami Herald, Second Opinion (International Publication), Heart Disease Guide (book), Health Keepers Magazine, Dallas Morning News, and Korean News (U.S. Newspaper) have all featured TKM®. Many National media sources have carried this news as well, like CNN Headline News, Telemundo’s Occurio Asi, CBN, 700 Club Asia, What’s Up Doc (TV talk show), Public Broadcasting CH13, and many others. It is because of the “extraordinary results” that are obtained from TKM® for Chronic and Critical health issues.
Not only is “TKM® making history” with “Breakthroughs in Health Recovery,” but many sources have promoted TKM® for its “Emergency Integrative Medicine Techniques,” which have saved thousands of lives. The demand for this information has spread fast since the information was promoted and sponsored by the following institutions:
- Florida College of Natural Medicine (Orlando)
- Hippocrates Health Institute (Palm Beach)
- Environmental Health Institute (Dallas)
- Wilson Hospital (Sherman)
- Presbyterian Hospital (Dallas)
- St. John Hospital (Lexington, KY)
- Hollywood Birth Center
- University of East/West Medicine (Sunnyvale, CA)
- Texas Integrative Medicine Practitioners Association
- Philippine College for Advancement in Medicine Foundation
- University of Philippines
- University Of North Texas
- First Baptist Church (Sebring, FL )
- First Methodist Church (Garland, TX)
- Sojourn Church (Plano, TX)
and many hospitals, churches, businesses and organizations across the USA and Internationally. Speaking engagements have been held from Will Rogers Coliseum in Ft. Worth to the Minneapolis Convention Center to introduce this “EXTRAORDINARY Method for Helping most Physical, Mental and Emotional Health issues.”
Whether Acute, Chronic or Critical, TKM® has provided help where all else has failed. TKM® is a non-invasive method that produces no repercussions, and the basics can be taught to anyone in order to achieve results.
Even though “Point of View” (International Christian News), Keys to Better Health (Christian Health Talk Radio), Christine McPhee Show (International Health Talk Show - Canada), It’s Your Health (Cable TV), Doug Kaufman Show (National Health Talk Show), The Clemens Report (National Christian News) and other national and international radio and television programs are included in spreading the news about this greatly needed and available help, there still remains millions in the USA who do not know that TKM® is available to them.
If you think this is just another method of help for some people, think again!
What else can consistently Stop a Heart attack in progress? Stop a seizure? Stop anaphylactic shock? Stop Asthma attack? Stop bleeding - even a severed artery - without a compress or cauterizing? Heal fractured bones 50% faster and stronger? What else has helped rare diseases and disorders when other resources offer no help? How about weight loss, Immune stimulation, Fertility issues, Depression and many common disorders?
Not only has TKM® helped thousands of disorders, but the knowledge discovered through understanding TKM® provides a much greater understanding of how our body functions, what affects it and how to recover vibrant heath. This information is made available only through the King Institute.
Important Commentary:  Please, never believe there is no hope!  We are about hope, help and solutions.  We believe that whatever can afflict someone’s health, whether physical, mental or emotional, that there is already a solution for most of them, and we are finding that most issues can be resolved naturally by reestablishing the proper functions of the body in a natural and God honoring way.
The world is increasingly full of toxic diseases, toxic treatments and intimidating and negative proclamations by people (including predominant medical scientists and physicians) over every possible scenario of health and life. All valid statistics continuously indicate that the common standardized approaches in treating most health disorders has proven non-effective for our society and usually multiplies the problems. This is especially true of chronic disease.
There are those who choose to believe different from the common and increasingly obvious disastrous trend and are seeking help and knowledge. We have found and offer much hope and help. And, most of the solutions are usually so simple that the average person often thinks it is almost too simple to believe. But that has no impact on the fact that those who investigate and give an opportunity (test it) for our approach, will find extraordinary results.
We invite anyone with any level of skepticism to test the extraordinary results or perform any validating studies available. Please do not let skeptics deter you from getting the help you need.
God is able to confound the wise with the simple things!
God has provided resources! Pray about it, maybe this is the one He provided for your recovery!