"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. "The best way for people to help themselves and loved ones is to learn the basics of what we've learned and apply it!
You will see the fruit of your effort with TKM®.
You can come to the Institute for TKM® therapy and a variety of other health recovery and health building treatments and services. Although, if you're serious about learning how to improve the quality of life for you and your family, then we highly encourage you to attend some of our wide range of TKM® classes and health seminars, as well as our lectures.
It is not difficult for you to learn the basic understanding and applications of this method to be effective in its use for you and your family.
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Plus, know that we offer education and training through live streaming and through our Books and DVD classes (found in our Online store)!
Soon we will open our New
TKM Academy Online (early 2025)!
Please keep checking to see our opening announcement and join us online. 
Please remember that you can bring a TKM® training to your area of the world, if you can help gather other students.
Lectures, Classes, Seminars
King Institute LLC conducts seminars throughout the year. These range from one-hour introductory lectures and forums to five-day workshops available to the lay public and professionals. We also welcomed invitations for speaking engagements, including universities, hospitals, corporate lectures, when schedule allows. Learn more about each of the lectures and classes and what it takes to organize an educational/training seminar in your area.
Instructor Training
We certify serious and competent students to preserve the integrity of TKM® and teach Emergency Integrative Medicine Techniques (EMT) and Self-Help classes around the world for the Institute. Candidates for Instructor Training must complete a strict agenda of prerequisites as well as successful completion of the instructor examination for each level. Find out more about Instructor Training here.
Meet the Instructors
We have refined the quality of TKM® Instructors over the years and now have some highly qualified Instructors. We provided a brief introduction to some of them, although you may not understand what we see in them until you have attended one of their training courses and get to know them directly. Click here to meet some Instructors.
Practitioner and Therapist Certification
Ready to go all the way? Find out how to become a Certified Practitioner or Therapist of TKM® here.
Disclaimer: Individuals that visit the Institute and/or attend lectures or educational/training seminars are invited to apply TKM® on themselves and on others.  For instance, medical doctors are welcome to integrate TKM® techniques in their practices, or a lay person is more than welcome to apply an application to another person on the street having a heart attack.
However, it does not mean to "Teach TKM®" in any way!   Individuals must complete Instructor Training and Certification or Contract to Teach TKM® for the Institute exclusively. 
Note: Certification to Teach does not mean that an individual is a Certified Practitioner or Therapist.  All TKM® training, certification and training seminars are conducted and certified by the Institute exclusively.
This is in effort to preserve the integrity of TKM® and help people not fall victim to potentially harmful misinformation.
Use of copyrighted and federally registered material without express written and signed permission from King Institute LLC.