The Maturing vs Aging
Lecture Series!
Cardiovascular - The #1 Killer!
Cardiovascular Health II
Understanding, Prevention, and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease
This is for all ages, as youthful aging is the best preventative medicine!
This especially applies to those in late twenties or early thirties as a starting point. Aside from genetic cardiovascular disorders, which will be discussed, early ages is when we need to learn about what starts that seems to silently attack us later in life. We should all know that cardiovascular diseases creeps up on people and can suddenly impact their quality of life in so many ways or end life. It truly does not suddenly happen! It is a process over many years that is generally ignored until it devastates your life. And NO, getting regular medical checkups is not going to effectively prevent cardiovascular impairments or disasters! Just look around at those who get regular checkups and fall victim to the same cardiovascular incidents as everyone else. There must be a better way? And there is! Come and learn!
We started a Free lecture Series that includes this very important topic. Each lecture over the next few months will be on a different subject related to common issues everyone experiences to some degree. Such as, Brain health, Cardiovascular health, How to avoid or recover from the common silent killers like cancer and cardiovascular disease, aging exceptionally - not averagely, and many health aspects we take for granted that is part of aging which can be averted beyond what most people believe.
We completed the first phase titled Brain Health. If you missed it, you can access the Free video from our website We hopefully all get older, which is not avoidable. Although, we should not let our physical and mental health begin to waste away in the actual prime of life, when we have matured enough and worked enough to enjoy the fruits of life, only to find that our body and/or mind is no longer able.
Remember, over 50% of the population in the USA dies from cardiovascular disease. Let’s change that statistic for you and your family. Also know that of the 50% most were relying on standardized medicine to avoid these issues and to treat them if it happens. No quick answer, but please take time to consider: How well has that worked in your life and in those you know throughout your lifetime?
Let’s not turn a blind eye and ear, let’s actually find out what has shown to be highly effective in especially preventing and for treatment of cardiovascular disorders of all types! It easily goes far beyond what standardized medicine has offered society in its limited view. And we will look at it and compare! Not to the doctors fault, but due to those in highest control in the industry that limit doctors in what they are able to provide, even if they know and want to help in a better way!