Lyme disease is a condition with many faces and symptom presentations from joint pain, fatigue, fibromyalgia, hormone and emotional imbalance, to mental dysfunctions and much more.
Lyme disease and it’s coinfections can imitate several hundred ailments and disorders. It is not to be underestimated!
According to current data, most everyone will be exposed or infested with these microbes in their life - Or they already are! So, briefly - let’s look at the facts and what we can do about it!
A sad fact is: If a person strictly depends on standardized medicine to determine Lyme disease or its coinfections, or for treatment - you will find yourself very frustrated and disappointed -at least. Some die before they get proper help. I know because -I have over 30 years’ experience on the subject, and over 90 percent of cases that come to me for help - come after exhausting the medical options.