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We exist to make a difference in people's lives through excellent natural health care.  King Institute is a teaching natural health care resource with a local and international outreach.

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We are dedicated to the community and people we serve and the students we teach.  We offer cutting edge natural health therapy for you and your family's health and wholeness.  TKM® is our primary focus due to its most extraordinary results for every health concern we have encountered.
We Offer Hope for the Hopeless
We are here to help with any health concerns whether physical, emotional or mental.  We offer what others have termed as "extraordinary help," along with support and prayer for your needs.  Our reputation attracts people seeking hope and help from around the globe for common disorders and ailments to rare chronic or critical issues.  In some cases no other hope is found through other therapy.  
We also have a close relationship with leading experts in specialized fields that in some cases may need to be included to insure the best outcome for each person in our care.
To serve the Lord means to serve His people with excellence. This is our goal.
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