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TKM® Special Topic Class:

TKM® Pulses, Energy Sphere Locations and Practical TKM Application  

This is a special aspect of covering the most needed aspects of hands-on learning and applying TKM, involving the hands-on aspect of Pulses reading in wrists and detecting pulses during sequences and their vitally important meaning; Energy Sphere locations in a hands-on comparative way to truly know the accurate locations; plus how to apply the body of TKM knowledge in effective and efficient ways for the recipient and the one applying TKM procedures. 

All of this special training is obviously best when physically present, although we will provide this training online for those who desire t learn what is possible and for those reviewing this information.      

Prerequisites: Levels 1&2

FEE: $350 In-person; $200 for each online attendance

Plus: Couples $50 off; Plus $50 off each additional attendee on same computer.

Instructor: Glenn T. King,  PhD, CDN, CN

Location: Frisco, TX

Date: March 26-27  2021.  Time: 9:30am-4pm

Register: Please contact our office to inquire for any details or to register!


 more to come...