General Class / Seminar Information

Spouses: Spouses and each family member in the same household can receive a 50% discount on classes attended with the full tuition family member. Proof may be required.  Materials are not included for individuals attending with discounted tuition, although they may be purchased separately.
Review Students: Students reviewing the same class receive a 30% discount. Student must bring books and materials, since they are not re-supplied.
Missionaries and Pastors may inquire for group discounts, if needed.
Special Notice On All Discounts: There are no single or accumulated discounts that will lower a tuition less than 50% of the regular full tuition. Occasionally there are classes presented with a tuition less than 50% of the regular full tuition, in such a case no other discounts apply.
Books and Materials: Course books and related handouts are supplied to new students of any class with the exception of spouses (see number 1 above). Course books and related handouts are not supplied to review students. Therefore, it is important to bring your related book and materials to a class.
Registration Deadline: All students must register no later than 30 days prior to class.  Anyone registering after the cut-off-date may not have a seat, depending on the seminar.
Online Classes: Our seminars online are streamed live from our Live Video page. You will be given access after registration for live streaming. These classes are not recorded.

Why learn about TKM®?

You can learn to help yourself, family and others through a gentle, safe, and effective method that even a child can apply. TKM® has shown to be very effective in:
    Stopping a seizure in progress
    Stopping anaphylactic shock
    Stopping an asthma attack
    Consistently stopping a heart attack in progress
    Relieving acute or chronic pain by addressing the cause
    Removal of all signs of a common cold (resolved)
    Revival of coma patients
    Helping and resolving immune issues
    Reversing or improving conditions of paralysis
    Reversing or improving conditions of severe arteriosclerosis and gangrene
    Reduction of healing time for broken bones (fractures) by up to 50 percent
    Stopping external bleeding (and internal hemorrhaging) without a compress
    And so much more!

What would you learn?

You will learn how TKM® can be applied easily for yourself or for another person in a totally non-invasive manner to help restore proper bio-electromagnetic conductivity (circulation/coherence) without any risk or repercussions. You will learn the interrelations of the body's systems as well as how to help them perform better PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, and EMOTIONALLY.
Also, you'll learn simple procedures that can help correct the above listed ailments and most others.


We offer lectures on various topics concerning TKM® and how it provides help for specific health issues, or for general aspects of TKM®. Most lectures are open to the public and designed for everyone to attend. Some may have restrictions depending on the special focus or private group. Any restrictions would be listed on the Events page. Some lectures are free, although registration is required for available seating purposes and our preparation. Handouts are usually provided. It would be advised to bring note taking material. See the events page for specific details on these lectures.

Who can attend a lecture or seminar?

Anyone! Seminar rosters in the past have included individuals from stay-at-home parents all the way to prominent members of the medical community, pastors, military and government officials.
College lectures as well as corporate, hospital and others  are available upon invitation and availability.
The Institute can work with you to arrange an educational/training seminar for your company, organization, hospital, church, college/university, fire and/or police department, military, neighborhood/community, and those interested in learning how to improve the quality of health and life in TKM®'s uniquely effective way!

Interested in coordinating a lecture or training seminar in your area?

The most effective way to spread this good news is word-of-mouth. So spread the word!
If you're interested and may know others interested in learning about TKM®, which means to learn about how to effectively help yourself and/or others, contact King Institute by visiting our Contact Us page and we can help you arrange a educational/training seminar in your area. If you send an email, please write "Seminar Coordination" in the subject line. This is the way that many training and lecture seminars are provided nationally and internationally.
Fees for seminars can vary depending on location (international), duration and topic.  Contact us for more details.
A minimum of 30 confirmed attendees is required to conduct a seminar in the US. There is no maximum for attendees. We have successfully conveyed TKM Introduction to over 3,000 attendees in one event in the past. Visit our Events page to get our current seminar schedule.