"Dedicated to serve as ambassadors, bringing restoration, healing, truth, and the love of Christ to the world, giving all the glory to God."
King Institute LLC
King Institute LLC is a natural health organization resource (Christian founded and operated by conservative patriots that are awake to help you in many ways for God's glory) founded in 1990 in Dallas, Texas. We focus on natural/alternative health research, therapy, and education (non-invasive, non-toxic, no repercussions).
Our overall mission is to provide knowledge and help for people needing minor to serious help throughout the world. Through educational programs we train health professionals, health organizations, businesses, military, churches and the general public to understand how to naturally and effectively take care of their health, family, and the health of others with a non-invasive, non-toxic, extraordinarily effective natural approaches. We also offer health therapy and counseling in areas such as nutrition, exercise, healthy Life-Style and other effective science-based natural therapeutic approaches.
Although the Institute incorporates a number of different effective natural approaches for improving health, it focuses primarily on a powerful restorative technique/therapy that promotes tremendously efficient healing and health recovery called TKM®, or The King Method®.  TKM is what has spotlighted by most all of the news, media, Christian programs and organizations to understand more of what so many are talking about, like 700 Club running two full specials on TKM, and many others approached King Institute to understand more about what has made such a profound difference in the lives of so many people.     
A Personal Story
I, Glenn T. King, in June of 1984, had major lumbar surgery following an accident. A while after my back surgery, I had an extended Grand Mal generalized seizure. Reviving from that and realizing what had happened, as the ambulance was taking me to the hospital, was a living nightmare.
I was later told that I had developed a serious form of epilepsy. The neurologist, who was recognized as one of the best in the field (specialist with seizures), immediately put me on medication and started running and re-running tests. This included repeated CAT scans, monitoring on a 24-hour portable EEG, and changing medications and strengths, in an attempt to gain control of what had become a progression of gran mal seizures, also known as generalized tonic-clonic seizures. A short time later I began to experience consecutive seizures (status epilepticus), which ultimately could result in permanent brain damage or death. I tried everything any health professional suggested that provided some hope, yet to no avail. The seizures became worse and the damage it was causing was becoming seriously disabling to me.
Then, I stopped everything except the medication and searched through the notes I had obtained from a lecture on a simple but complex method of applying physics to help health issues. I had studied some of the little known science but was not yet fully convinced it could be so profound, as it seemed too simple. It was difficult to believe at first, but more difficult to believe that the medical profession could do nothing to help me. Acupuncture and other resources could only ease some of the symptoms after a seizure.
At the time, I still truly thought that traditional medical methods had the most knowledge and were the most powerful and effective practices in Eastern or Western cultures. It simply seemed logical. But, I learned a different lesson the hard way! After intensely working on myself with this little known method that was hard to believe, by the grace of God, the majority of the problem was corrected in about three months. I then became seriously dedicated to studying the physics behind the science of bio-electromagnetic energy. I only had one to three seizures per year for a couple of years after that, and have not had to carry that burden of seizures since then.
Thank God for His blessings, including this magnificent and extraordinary method to help the human body naturally function better! This experience convinced me, and since then I've seen so many powerful things happen for thousands of people. For me, there is no question that the Lord has led and shown favor to and through me. And I have dedicated my life's work to the study of this wonderful science and to helping tens of thousands of people who suffer from most any illness or disorder.
An Invitation
We at King Institute, LLC and the Better Health Center, LLC are excited to invite you to explore this wonderful effective way of helping yourself and other people. The concept of TKM® may be new to you, but do not underestimate what its potential is for helping you. TKM® has helped so many people with severe, complex, and rare health issues. You may not be familiar with the true science and physics of how the human body functions, but we encourage you to take the information that has helped many thousands across the nation and many other nations - and give TKM® an opportunity to help resolve issues for you and your loved ones.
If you know the Lord, pray for His direction concerning your learning or health recovery choices. Please realize that you can only experience the method's effectiveness by doing it (applying appropriately or TKM® therapy sessions), not by merely reading about it. We hope that you will try the two easy applications that are explained in the "Free Downloads" section located under Resources.
Contact us with any questions that we may help.