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We started a Free lecture series concerning the 2020 pandemic (plandemic) resulting in a global effect instigated by the World Health Organization and globalist through fear tactics, which produced an unwarranted and unprecedented shutdown. Plus, all the timed events that have surfaced since.  This lecture series is a chain of updates (info), insights, recommendations and effective health solutions, as well as a great opportunity to benefit from many TKM® (The King Method®) health and lifestyle tips. Plus, information is revealed through the King Institute, researchers, scientists, physicists and renown medical doctors revealing Truth, true science and helpful advice.     
Topics range from TKM® tips, supplement recommendations, frequency medicine, herbal tinctures, dietary, therapeutics, EMF role, stress relief, statistics, healthy truths, plus the vitally important spiritual aspects and so much more that are needed during these times and through life.  These (averaged 30 minutes, later were extended due to content) lectures have steadily gained a following that has grown internationally.
My encouragement is to find out what you need to know about your health... NOW, before you encounter a serious and surprising challenge(s).  Serious and surprising encounters have always happened, but now we are dealing with many different factors that make being faithfully knowledgeable and prepared essential to help family, self, friends... 
Wisdom is correct knowledge in action.         
Learn now where the needs are and what options are available to actually prevent most health threats or effectively address them quickly when needed. Especially in natural, non-invasive, non-toxic ways that are extremely effective. Please enjoy the information and apply it to enhance your life and health. You are welcome to share this information/resource with others.   


 Notice: Many videos below have been blocked and account videos deleted by YouTube, so click the link above to view them and many more on Rumble. 
#1 Dr. King's Informational Shorts 
Dr. Glenn T. King's Informational Shorts #1 (first) Lecture series is on the Immune System and how to powerfully and quickly stimulate through the TKM #23-25 application, Plus information on EMFs; COVID-19 is still just a virus and easy to kill if treated properly. Presented by King Institute LLC
#2 Dr. King's Informational Shorts: Immune Stimulation Products, plus updates
This lecture includes information related to the Immune System and how to powerfully and quickly stimulate through a variety of natural products. Cont. COVID-19 is just a virus and easy to kill if treated properly. Current updates and extra information provided in each video.
#3 Dr. King's Informational Shorts (4-17-2020) Immune Recipe 1st
Includes information on the "Immune Recipe" a TKM list of applications to powerfully stimulate the immune system. Updates and health tips included, Esp. #3 sequence and a special application only found here.
#4 Dr. King's Informational Shorts COVID-19, Updates and Tips
Includes continued information on COVID-19 and more...
#5 Dr. King's Informational Shorts - Health Tips and Updates
Includes information cont. on COVID-19. Plus Health Tips and Updates
#6 Dr. King's Informational Shorts - Attitudes for Health & Life (4-28-2020)
Includes information on Attitudes for Health & Life. This information is very important everyday, but especially today when so many people are stressed and unsure how to deal with things in daily life. TKM tips are also presented for each topic.
#7 Dr. King's Informational Shorts - TKM Tips and EMF Info
Includes TKM Tips and EMF Information; continuation of TKM study along with Updates on the times.
#8 Dr. King's Informational Shorts - Special Health Tips
Includes Special Health Tips, updates on Loss of rights, Censoring; How health problems develop; Shoulder health and TKM Generative vs Regenerative energy, plus more TKM relations...
#9 Dr. King's Informational Shorts - Personal choice & TKM with EMF demonstrations.
Includes Updates; Honoring personal choice, plus TKM with EMF demonstrations; How does TKM work in relation to timing?
#10 Dr. King's Informational Shorts - multiple topics
Includes a current update, plus TKM Pulse story, A very special TKM #23 sequence; Inspiring story, plus Q&A; EMF brief, TKM comparison; Your Thoughts Beget, and TKM Tips on cold or hot feet, smelly feet, Kidney, bladder and more in less than 30 minutes from King Institute LLC.
#11 Dr. King's Informational Shorts 
Includes current update (video on Gates + CIA + vaccines); TKM testimonies, Breast cancer, Covid-19 Lab facts; A Powerful Special TKM application (R&R Strata 1-5 as one 15 step sequence), S&S stop bleeding, TKM increases blood production 15x; breach baby turned, TKM Missions book in English/Spanish, intermingling energy, 144K functions, breaking pulse patterns, and understanding pulses vs. symptoms.
#12 Dr. King's Informational Shorts 
Includes current updates, senator Ted Cruz on China, TKM testimonies, The Chart- Energy Spheres related to fingers vs. fingers related to energy spheres via strata; Understanding about persecutors of TKM, How to Stop internal or external Bleeding, nosebleed, cerebral ataxia, simple TKM ways to help anything, and more...
#13 Dr. King's Informational Shorts
Includes current updates, TKM testimonies, Our Constitutional rights, Vital to develop and use "Critical Thinking"; A More Excellent Way book; free from seizures - and what to do; ok for liver flush & cleanses now, TKM: how to Increase heart rate, how to Decrease heart rate, Lung regulates all energy & more; Constipation...
#14 Dr King's Informational Shorts 
Includes: P.C. comments, language abuse, BCE -CE, We need RESPECT, Primary COVID-19 effective actions, TKM E.S. #3 for Immune System stimulation, Immune Boost-19 (A&B), C-Herb, Testimony, Extraordinary TKM book "Wonderfully. Made"; TKM Self-Help book, Introducing Pure Sanitize (HOCL) Best Natural sanitizer plus; TKM Pulse chart in-depth study on correlations...
#15 Dr. King's Informational Shorts 
Includes updates, plus TKM testimonies and the release of a "New TKM sequence" for helping all 12 organ energy.
#15 Q&A: Dr. King's Informational Shorts 
This is the first Q&A session with Dr. King, after the regular lecture series, via Zoom. Includes: clots in lungs, Lyme disease in heart, TKM SH steps for the new sequence and other topics.
#16 Dr. King's Informational Shorts
Includes a "New TKM application for Heart Palpitations"; additional information...
#16 Q&A: Dr. King's Informational Shorts 
Includes tips on viruses, cancer, and other health issues as well as the TKM perspective...
#17 Dr. King's Informational Shorts 
Includes updates, plus a "New TKM Sequence" for Low Back Pain (1); Hydroxichlorquine studies; sudden decline in premature births & SIDS related to vaccines, vital vaccine updates, why we need God, Tipping Point, Copyrights..., Different Fingernails & related Health Tips, plus TKM Tips.
#17 Q&A: Dr. King's Informational Shorts
Includes "Blue Zone" lifestyles for longevity, Scoliosis correction, TKM for high B/P, jaundice, respiratory distress, plus Covid information, and how to clean the Liver...
#18 Dr. King's Informational Shorts 
Includes updates, FB message, "New TKM Sequence" for low back pain (2), important information on Cardiovascular and Liver health.
#18 Q&A: Dr. King's Informational Shorts
Includes discussions on EMFs, grounding, seizures, surprising stats on Heart Attacks, Cardiovascular disease, TKM testimony, cataracts, eyes, Thumb pain, pulses, hernia scar and more...
#19 Dr. King's Informational Shorts
Includes updates on vaccines & COVID-19, studies for immunity, "New Low Back TKM Seq.(3)", TKM powerful Burn testimony...
#19 Q&A: Dr. King's Informational Shorts 
Includes updates, plus C-Herb info, Zinc, D3 oil; stinking thinking & health; accomplishing strong health; TKM Academy, 2020 stress, ankle issues...
#20 Dr. King's Informational Shorts 
Includes updates, plus Biblical values, TKM Qs: Cataract surgery or not?, Cataracts & TKM; Eyes, plus TKM sequences; applying TKM on family.
#20 Q&A: Dr. King's Informational Shorts 
Includes updates, TKM information on cataracts, Burns, timing of TKM recovery, A-Plastic Anemia, dramatic blood production w/ TKM, TKM pulses priority and more.
#21 Dr. King's Informational Shorts 
Includes Preventative Medicine topics; Heavy metal proven causative factor in Autism; Pediatric study 2020, FDA found aluminum in vaccines; Mercury sources: Scientific proof in a must watch video demonstration of Neuro-degeneration…
#21 Q&A: Dr. King's Informational Shorts 
Includes "religion, politics, & health"; subjects on de-stressing, pray, exercise, a testimony, TKM shoulder sequence correction, paralysis, TKM Academy…
#22 Dr. King's Informational Shorts 
Includes Health Q&A; How important is your health- Series; preventative medicine; recognizing health issues visually; Parkinson’s; sleep issues…
#22 Q&A: Dr. King's Informational Shorts 
Includes How important is your health-series cont., more on preventative medicine; recognizing health issues visually cont.; more on Parkinson’s and sleep issues…
#23 Dr. King's Informational Shorts 
Includes updates, plus Covid update on testing (types validity); The Social Dilemma - effecting health tremendously; Energy healing / Divine healing & what it means & how we need it; Text71010…
#23 Q&A: D.r King's Informational Shorts 
Includes Vitamin C an in-depth look, & Vitamin C Flush, detox & comparisons, liposomal C & other sources & how they work, Vitamin C & medication…
#24 Dr. King's Informational Shorts w/ Q&A 
Includes Q&A, Testimony; Thoughts, emotions, physiological & energetic Reactions; constipation; maximizing hydration; Kidney seq. pathway; gastric solutions…
#25 Dr. King's Informational Shorts w/ Q&A 
Includes greetings for the New Year and a short preview of wisdoms for the times, life and health.
#26 Dr. King's Informational Shorts w/ Q&A 
Includes TKM-Talk Questions, Phone safe sleeves, memory decline, constipation, physical activity, TKM Pulses, tingling arm & hand, Special TKM applications, paralysis, COVID lingering symptoms…, nasal polyps, Parkinson’s, tooth accesses, vaccine questions, text 71010…
#27 Dr. King's Informational Shorts w/ Q&A 
Includes a more in-depth look into what to do for COVID prevention, natural treatment if infected, plus the aftermath of COVID options. Q&A is included.
#28 Dr. King's Informational Shorts w/ Q&A 
Includes Mask Mandates info, Covid Psychosis & more, vaccine or gene therapy, Israel study, Covid Kool-Aid, How lethal, Preparedness, and Q&A session.
#29 Dr. King's Informational Shorts w/ Q&A 
Blocked by YouTube 
#30 Dr. King's Informational Shorts w/ Q&A 
Includes latest on HNU report, Dr. Tyson cured 5K Covid-19 cases & speaks on vaccine risk, Dr. Connealy prevents Covid 99.99%, “Long Hauler Syndrome” confection after-effects & treatment, Q&A, Restless legs & body jerks, Foot issues, Text 71010; what to say to advocates of this vaccine, facts & studies discussion; Should we speak the truth to people?, Find & Understand Truth & speak it involve boldly…

Lyme disease is a condition with many faces and symptom presentations from joint pain, fatigue, fibromyalgia, hormone and emotional imbalance, to mental dysfunctions and much more.
Lyme disease and it’s coinfections can imitate several hundred ailments and disorders. It is not to be underestimated!
According to current data, most everyone will be exposed or infested with these microbes in their life - Or they already are! So, briefly - let’s look at the facts and what we can do about it!
A sad fact is: If a person strictly depends on standardized medicine to determine Lyme disease or its coinfections, or for treatment - you will find yourself very frustrated and disappointed -at least. Some die before they get proper help. I know because -I have over 30 years’ experience on the subject, and over 90 percent of cases that come to me for help - come after exhausting the medical options.

What is termed as Lyme disease is a distraction from what is really taking place across America and beyond. Find out the truth and facts about this terrible disease and why it is far more easily contracted than people are told.
It is predicted to be the #1 infectious disease in the USA in 2018.  It has become a much more complex issue and wide spread due to the lack of knowledge about it and standard treatments that don't work, but usually result in spreading the disease and making it more difficult to treat and diagnose.
You may be surprised to find that even you are likely to have some level of this hideous disease that causes so much suffering and an increasing number of deaths - that most often is misdiagnosed for many other diseases or disorders. 
We will not only provide the facts/truth about Lyme disease, but will provide ways to detect and successfully rid your body of this infectious disease. If you are around a person with Lyme, it is important to find out ways to effectively protect yourself because it is infectious far beyond what people are told, despite what the best experts in standardized medicine say about this infectious bacteria, because they've not been informed of it's full potential, especially from the government. 
There is too much to explain in this short message to present all the reasons why this free lecture is so important for you to attend, just come and find out!  Free and only one hour of your time! 
THE LECTURE IS FREE! We desire for everyone to be able to attend and made aware of the these vital facts. 

The Maturing vs Aging
Lecture Series!
Cardiovascular - The #1 Killer!
Cardiovascular Health II
Understanding, Prevention, and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease
This is for all ages, as youthful aging is the best preventative medicine!
This especially applies to those in late twenties or early thirties as a starting point. Aside from genetic cardiovascular disorders, which will be discussed, early ages is when we need to learn about what starts that seems to silently attack us later in life. We should all know that cardiovascular diseases creeps up on people and can suddenly impact their quality of life in so many ways or end life. It truly does not suddenly happen! It is a process over many years that is generally ignored until it devastates your life. And NO, getting regular medical checkups is not going to effectively prevent cardiovascular impairments or disasters! Just look around at those who get regular checkups and fall victim to the same cardiovascular incidents as everyone else. There must be a better way? And there is! Come and learn!
We started a Free lecture Series that includes this very important topic. Each lecture over the next few months will be on a different subject related to common issues everyone experiences to some degree. Such as, Brain health, Cardiovascular health, How to avoid or recover from the common silent killers like cancer and cardiovascular disease, aging exceptionally - not averagely, and many health aspects we take for granted that is part of aging which can be averted beyond what most people believe.
We completed the first phase titled Brain Health. If you missed it, you can access the Free video from our website We hopefully all get older, which is not avoidable. Although, we should not let our physical and mental health begin to waste away in the actual prime of life, when we have matured enough and worked enough to enjoy the fruits of life, only to find that our body and/or mind is no longer able.
Remember, over 50% of the population in the USA dies from cardiovascular disease. Let’s change that statistic for you and your family. Also know that of the 50% most were relying on standardized medicine to avoid these issues and to treat them if it happens. No quick answer, but please take time to consider: How well has that worked in your life and in those you know throughout your lifetime?
Let’s not turn a blind eye and ear, let’s actually find out what has shown to be highly effective in especially preventing and for treatment of cardiovascular disorders of all types! It easily goes far beyond what standardized medicine has offered society in its limited view. And we will look at it and compare! Not to the doctors fault, but due to those in highest control in the industry that limit doctors in what they are able to provide, even if they know and want to help in a better way!