Minimum Prerequisites:
  • Successful completion of one TKM® EMT class.
  • Successful completion one Self-Help class.
  • Successful completion of three Introductory: Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 classes.
  • Successful completion of one each of Level 5, 6 and 7 classes.
  • Director approval only.
  • King Institute, LLC reserves the right to refuse qualification for attending this class. Any violations of the rights of the TKM® materials issued in this class may warrant severe civil and criminal penalties.
  • A non-disclosure agreement will need to be signed to attend this class.
This class is by invitation to qualified students. Advanced training are for students interested in an in-depth learning of TKM® and how the body functions, which is not found in any other class offered by the Institute. The ADVANCED class includes The Advanced TKM® Study Book (personalized and the property of TKI), which is not available for public purchase.
NOTE: We do not suggest rushing through the prerequisites to take this course of study. Take the time to absorb teachings in the other classes leading to the ADVANCED TKM® Study.
New discoveries and understanding of God's creation (our temple), along with the application of TKM® sequences, will continually be added to the ADVANCED book and class. Details and information will be provided to students invited to attend the ADVANCED TKM® Study.