General Class / Seminar Information

Spouses: Spouses and each family member in the same household can receive a 50% discount on classes attended with the full tuition family member. Proof may be required.  Materials are not included for individuals attending with discounted tuition, although they may be purchased separately.
Review Students: Students reviewing the same class receive a 30% discount. Student must bring books and materials, since they are not re-supplied.
Missionaries and Pastors may inquire for group discounts, if needed.
Special Notice On All Discounts: There are no single or accumulated discounts that will lower a tuition less than 50% of the regular full tuition. Occasionally there are classes presented with a tuition less than 50% of the regular full tuition, in such a case no other discounts apply.
Books and Materials: Course books and related handouts are supplied to new students of any class with the exception of spouses (see number 1 above). Course books and related handouts are not supplied to review students. Therefore, it is important to bring your related book and materials to a class.
Registration Deadline: All students must register no later than 30 prior to class.  Anyone registering after the cut-off-date may not have a seat, depending on the seminar.
Online Classes: Our seminars online are streamed live from our Live Video page. You will be given access after registration for live streaming. These classes are not recorded.

Why learn about TKM®

You can learn to help yourself, family and others through a gentle, safe, and effective method that even a child can apply. TKM® has shown to be very effective in:
    Stopping a seizure in progress
    Stopping anaphylactic shock
    Stopping an asthma attack
    Consistently stopping a heart attack in progress
    Relieving acute or chronic pain by addressing the cause
    Removal of all signs of a common cold (resolved)
    Revival of coma patients
    Helping and resolving immune issues
    Reversing or improving conditions of paralysis
    Reversing or improving conditions of severe arteriosclerosis and gangrene
    Reduction of healing time for broken bones (fractures) by up to 50 percent
    Stopping external bleeding (and internal hemorrhaging) without a compress
    And so much more!

What would you learn?

You will learn how TKM® can be applied easily for yourself or for another person in a totally non-invasive manner to help restore proper bio-electromagnetic conductivity (circulation/coherence) without any risk or repercussions. You will learn the interrelations of the body's systems as well as how to help them perform better PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, and EMOTIONALLY.
Also, you'll learn simple procedures that can help correct the above listed ailments and most others.


We offer lectures on various topics concerning TKM® and how it provides help for specific health issues, or for general aspects of TKM®. Most lectures are open to the public and designed for everyone to attend. Some may have restrictions depending on the special focus or private group. Any restrictions would be listed on the Events page. Some lectures are free, although registration is required for available seating purposes and our preparation. Handouts are usually provided. It would be advised to bring note taking material. See the events page for specific details on these lectures.

Who can attend a lecture or seminar?

Anyone! Seminar rosters in the past have included individuals from stay-at-home parents all the way to prominent members of the medical community, pastors, military and government officials.
College lectures as well as corporate, hospital and others  are available upon invitation and availability.
The Institute can work with you to arrange an educational/training seminar for your company, organization, hospital, church, college/university, fire and/or police department, military, neighborhood/community, and those interested in learning how to improve the quality of health and life in TKM®'s uniquely effective way!

Interested in coordinating a lecture or training seminar in your area?

The most effective way to spread this good news is word-of-mouth. So spread the word!
If you're interested and may know others interested in learning about TKM®, which means to learn about how to effectively help yourself and/or others, contact King Institute by visiting our Contact Us page and we can help you arrange a educational/training seminar in your area. If you send an email, please write "Seminar Coordination" in the subject line. This is the way that many training and lecture seminars are provided nationally and internationally.
Fees for seminars can vary depending on location (international), duration and topic.  Contact us for more details.
A minimum of 30 confirmed attendees is required to conduct a seminar in the US. There is no maximum. We have successfully conducted training seminars with over 3,000 attendees in the past. Visit our Events page to get our current seminar schedule.

TKM® (The King Method®) presents the Emergency integrative Medicine Techniques for all branches of the USA Military in active service.
This is provided free of charge to all active military personnel ONLY.  Warning: It is NOT to be reproduced, sold or formally taught to any group without the expressed written permission of the copyright and proprietary rights and federal registered mark holder, or severe civil and criminal penalties will be enforced.
This PDF is formatted to fit most military field manuals: Click here for the PDF.
Stop Bleeding
and Seal the wound (S&S) – internal and external
Left hand over right hand as close to the wound as possible
Right hand MUST be placed down first!
Center of Palm is the focal point.
For Shock & Burns
Palming the Calves
Place left hand on right calf and right hand on left calf – No pressure.
Fingers are together (pointed towards head) and palms on largest part of the calves.
© Copyright 2005, Proprietary, Process & All Rights Reserved by King Institute, LLC Frisco, TX
TKM® Energy Sphere Locations Bilaterally
ss = Same side of the body (e.g.: 15 ss 6 = hold 15 & same side of body 6)
opp = Opposite side of the body (e.g.: 3 opp 13 = hold 3 & opposite side of body 13)
L = Left hand (exception when a number follows: L5 = Left side of body 5) 
R = Right Hand (exception when a number follows: R5 = Right side of body 5) 
Center = mid-line of the body or median of the body
Both = hold left and right sides at same time or apply left side then right side
Note: Every application involves a position for each hand. All applications need 2 hands
Vital: Watches and batteries greatly inhibit effectiveness, esp. for acute situations.
EMT Protocols - TKM®
Alertness, to maintain – both 25’s or R to L5, L to L8
Antibiotic & Immune – 15 ss 6 then 15 ss 3 (both sides) or 3 opp 13
Anaphylactic Shock – T1 (base of neck) & Center of 22’s
Appendicitis, Acute – R11 & R25, then L2 (repeat as needed)
Asthma attack or breathing – T3 & both middle fingers (loop thumb/ring fingers when running)
Bleeding – R palm on, left hand over right at 90° angle (as close to wound as possible)
Bone, broken – 15ss6 then L to 15 ss R to break
Burns – palm the calves L palm to R calf, R palm to L calf (minimum 30 minutes)
Choking – Grasp firmly High 1’s
Constipation – L8 ss 11
Cools – L8 ss 11
Cramps, Leg – 15 ss 6 or 15 ss 8, any cramps – 23 ss 5 or 12 ss 25 
Diarrhea - R8 ss 11
Digestion – 21 ss 22 or 23 ss 22
Energy, replenish – 10 opp 1 or tip of coccyx & 5
Environment, adjust or Jet lag – 22 ss 15 (both sides)
Extraction – L palm on, right hand over left at 90°(toxins/snake bite/bee sting/objects/shrapnel)
Fatigue – 24 opp 26 or tip of coccyx & 5
Fear – 15 ss 5 or 19 opp Hi1 or index finger(s)
Fever – 15 ss 6 then 15 ss 3, repeat L&R until fever breaks
Heart Attack – Hold center of 10’s (T-5) & L -little finger
Hiccups – 14’s
Hysteria – L to T5 & R to center of 13’s
Insomnia – 18 opp 15 (do both sides as needed, begin with L18) or tip of coccyx & 5
Lungs, fluid on – cradle L & R 4’s & hold both ring fingers
Nausea – both High 1’s, or 18 opp 15 (do both sides as needed, begin with L18)
Pain, mild general – 17 opp 15
Pain, Acute–  Step 1 - Assistant  R to L20 & L to R20
          Recipient  R to R14 & L to L14, then
           Step 2 –Assistant R to Sternum (bottom tip) & L to pubic bone (top center)
          Recipient   R to R15 & L to L15
Parasites – 23 ss 5 or 2 opp high1
Seizure – firmly grasp both thumbs, hold until completely alleviated
Shock – Palm the calves
Sore Throat – 3 opp 13
Toothache – 11 opp index finger
Virus – 23 ss 22 or 15 ss 6 then 15 ss 3 (both sides)
Warms – R8 ss 11
Provided For USA Armed Forces Only
Median Application
Alertness, Stamina and Immune Stimulation
(Rejuvenation as well as Rest)
Preparation: Sit, stand or lay in a comfortable position. Optimal results: remove metallic objects and batteries from body. 
Length of time: Hold each step a minimum of 4 -5 minutes, or up to 20 minutes if needed.
Application: Apply with pads of fingers (palm side) of index, middle, & ring to each location. Or, you may use all finger pads for better contact.
Always hold two locations when applying any step, one with each hand.
Important: No Pressure necessary!  In fact, it can inhibit the process. Only contact is needed. 
When to apply: When possible, first in morning and last of the day.  Although, it can be applied at any time.
Application Steps:
Procedure Locations
For the Hands (to) On the Body
step 1 Right fingers  to  Top center of Head
and fingers Center of the Forehead (above and between eyebrows)
step 2 Left fingers to Nose (Tip - light touch)  Note: Right remains on head until step 8.
step 3 Left fingers to Center of Collar Bone (center on jugular notch)
step 4 Left fingers to Center of the Chest (on sternum at center of gladiolus)
step 5 Left fingers to Bottom of Sternum (tip of sternum, ensiform or xiphoid appendix)
step 6 Left fingers to Umbilicus (Navel)
step 7 Left fingers to Center of Pubic Bone (above & against top center of pubic bone)
step 8 Right fingers to Coccyx (tip of tail bone)  Note: Left hand remains on step 7 during step 8
Purpose for application: Stamina, strength, alertness, immune stimulation, Central nervous system, all organs, calms mental, stress, relaxes body, rejuvenate, helps healing process of all wounds, calms fear, insomnia, quick rest, strengthens, an excellent preventative procedure which helps most physical, mental and emotional functions.
© Copyright 1995 Proprietary, Process and All Rights Reserved.  King Institute, LLC
Frisco, TX
Provided For USA Armed Forces Only

You can download the detailed EMT Protocol document here:
TKM Procedure Attachments:
Download this file (EMTProtocol(Armed-Forces)2020.pdf)EMT Protocol for USA Armed Forces Document

  • 2023 Class Schedule Notice: 2023-2024 TKM® class scheduling is in progress. This is the opportunity to request a TKM® training in your city or country for 2020-21. If you are interested and can generate attendees, then contact us today.
  • Policy on class deposits: Class deposit is 50% of the full tuition. Class deposits are non-refundable. Anything paid beyond the deposit can be applied to another class or refunded. If the Institute cancels a class, then the deposit can be applied to another class or refunded. For more class details click here.
  • NEW Registration Deadline: All students must register no later than 30 days prior to class start. Thirty days prior to class is the cut-off date for registering so we can confirm class. Anyone registering after the cut-off date will be charged a late fee which will be a minimum of $50, depending on the class, added to the full tuition without exception. 
  • Special Notice On All Discounts: There are no single or accumulated discounts that will lower any tuition less than 50% of the regular full tuition. Occasionally there are classes presented with a tuition less than 50% of the regular full tuition, in such a case no other discounts apply.
  • Family discount details
  • Levels 1 and 2 are Introductory (beginner and review).
  • Levels 3 and 4 are Intermediate (for those who need more help or have an interest in learning
  • more).                   
  • Levels 5 - 7 are more advanced knowledge on the Textbooks (Volume 1 through 4). 


"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. "The best way for people to help themselves and loved ones is to learn the basics of what we've learned and apply it!
You will see the fruit of your effort with TKM®.
You can come to the Institute for TKM® therapy and a variety of other health recovery and health building treatments and services. Although, if you're serious about learning how to improve the quality of life for you and your family, then we highly encourage you to attend some of our wide range of TKM® classes and health seminars, as well as our lectures.
It is not difficult for you to learn the basic understanding and applications of this method to be effective in its use for you and your family.
Click calendar to see our current class and seminar schedule.
Plus, know that we offer education and training through live streaming and through our Books and DVD classes (found in our Online store)!
Soon we will open our New
TKM Academy Online (late 2023)!
Please keep checking to see our opening announcement and join us online. 
Please remember that you can bring a TKM® training to your area of the world if you can help gather other students.
Lectures, Classes, Seminars
King Institute LLC conducts seminars throughout the year. These range from one-hour introductory lectures and forums to five-day workshops available to the lay public and  professionals. We have also welcomed invitations for speaking engagements and university, hospitals and corporate lectures, schedule allowing. Learn more about each of the classes and what it takes to organize an educational/training seminar in your area.
Instructor Training
We certify serious and competent students to preserve the integrity of TKM® and teach Emergency Integrative Medicine Techniques (EMT) and Self-Help classes around the world for the Institute. Candidates for Instructor Training must complete a strict agenda of prerequisites as well as successful completion of the instructor examination for each level. Find out more about Instructor Training here.
Meet the Instructors
We have refined the quality of TKM® Instructors over the years and now have some highly qualified and certified Instructors which we are honored to introduce. We provided a brief introduction to each one, although you will not understand what we see in them until you have attended one of their training courses and get to know them directly. Click here to meet some Instructors.
Practitioner and Therapist Certification
Ready to go all the way? Find out how to become a Certified Practitioner or Therapist of TKM® here.
Disclaimer: Individuals that visit the Institute and/or attend lectures or educational/training seminars are invited to apply TKM® on themselves and on others.  For instance, medical doctors are welcome to integrate TKM® techniques in their practices, or a lay person is more than welcome to apply an application to another person on the street having a heart attack.
However, it does not mean to "Teach TKM®" in any way!   Individuals must complete Instructor Training and Certification or Contract to Teach TKM® for the Institute.  Note: Certification to Teach does not mean that an individual is a Certified Practitioner or Therapist.  All TKM® training, certification and training seminars are conducted and certified by the Institute exclusively.
This is in effort to preserve the integrity of TKM® and help people not fall victim to potentially harmful misinformation.
Use of copyrighted and federally registered material without express written and signed permission from King Institute LLC. VIOLATIONS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND CAN CARRY SEVERE CIVIL AND CRIMINAL PENALTIES.


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