Note to all TKM students: Becoming a qualified and endorsed TKM Provider is encouraged and a strong step in the direction of making a serious impact on a world in great need for your special provision of effective TKM.

It is a very simple process of completing the form below (Link to form). Dr. King and all the certified TKM Instructors take this designation very serious, as it reflects on the entire organization. We hope you will choose to distinguish yourself in providing TKM to those in need as an official Provider.

Simply print out or download the application, fill out, and send in to the supplied address.

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Those listed here as TKM® Providers have submitted an extensive application documenting the nature of their
practice, professional qualifications and specific TKM® training. The fact that they are listed is not an endorsement
by King Institute, LLC.
• These names and contact information are provided to assist you in finding TKM® services convenient to you.
• It is your responsibility to inquire of the exact nature of their practice and the services provided.
• Many may use other modalities in addition to TKM® and those modalities may possibly be of benefit to you.
• We advise you to ask for full explanation of what protocols they might recommend to you and how TKM® will
be included in your treatment protocol, or if there are other modalities mixed with approved TKM® therapy in
the service provided.
• If you find you are not comfortable with your understanding or desire of the protocol recommended, we advise
you to seek another provider.


LISTINGS will be added soon!