TKM® TEMI Technicas De Emergencia De Medicina Integravtiva y Videos

This Book is written in Spanish. Learn highly-effective, non-invasive and leading-edge natural methods for saving lives. User friendly Book and Videos.
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This Vital Book is in Spanish

No household, business, or organization should be without this highly effective and needed knowledge. Waiting could cost lives.

The Training Videos on Flash Drive are in English. Plus, the Flash drive contains 2 additional digital books (1 in Spanish and 1 in English) which means 3 books total.  

Learn how to stop a Heart attack, Seizure, Asthma attack... with your hands!  Plus, many other common to critical health


Special SALE Only $51.95 

Learn how to stop external or internal bleeding without the aid of a compress and close the wound without stitches. This thirty-seven page E.M.T. Manual offers vital information on TKM® procedures / techniques to use during the critical moments of common emergency episodes. Included are common family / household uses. Instructions for these simple-to-use emergency procedures are accompanied by easy-to-follow illustrations and video teaching on the flash drive.

The book comes with a Flash drive (Mac or PC) and the software needed to use all materials it contains. 

The Flash Drive contains: Four Videos for Introduction, Training, PowerPoint presentation and Demonstrations by Dr. Glenn T. King in English (contains some Spanish contact information and short Spanish video clips)

Plus, 2 additional digital books (PDFs), one in English and one in Spanish. 

To learn more about the TKM®: Emergency Integrative Medicine Techniques (EMT) course, recommended for families, all businesses and organizations, just visit the Education page.  You can bring this live training to your area or country. 

Published by King Institute, LLC
©2007, 2023 Glenn T. King, PhD, CDN, CN,  All Rights Reserved.

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