TKM® Self Help Book - 2020 Edition

This New TKM® Self-help book is something no household should be without. It is the most highly in-demand TKM® book available.
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This new user-friendly book will accomplish more than the previous version which has helped save many people from needless suffering, pain, and thousands of dollars in health care costs. This book provides important disease prevention and recovery information, plus contains illustrations and photos of simple self-help techniques that have shown to be highly effective in helping to resolve a multitude of health issues that standardized medicine has many times not been able to resolve. It has been effective for mental, emotional and physical ailments or injuries as well as disease.

It is great for preventative medicine purposes and to maintain a high quality of health for the whole family.

This self-help manual has been the highest in demand TKM book for years and has been shipped around the world to help thousands of people. Mostly used by families and recommended by health professionals. This new version is proving to produce even greater results.

Published by King Institute, LLC.

©1996, 2020, Glenn T. King, PhD, CDN, CN, All Rights Reserved.


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