The Zyto Elite
zyto cradle with hand grad
King Institute offers ZYTO Elite testing in person or remotely for out-of-state clients. It is not the same as standard ZYTO testing. We use the ZYTO Elite software as a carrier for more advanced professional software which provide so much more categories to include and tremendously more detail in results. We consider it to be the most advanced health assessment testing technology, which provides details in what aspects of the body is stressed - from hazardous microbes to toxins, and most possibilities causing any health disorder.
Some categories tested through ZYTO Elite are: All microbes, bacteria, fungus, all organs, organ parts, glands, biological systems, endocrine system, cardiovascular, immune, viruses, vaccine residuals, pesticides, chemical toxins, drug and medication toxicity, emotional stress, CNS, lymphatic system, teeth stress, spinal stress, joint stress, drinking water chemical toxins in tissues, cancer frequency stress, and much more. This is aside from testing balance frequencies (hundreds of brands and thousands of supplements, along with frequency treatment recommendations).
One example of the difference between ZYTO Elite and standard ZYTO testing is the Bacteria scan. Typically, standard ZYTO testing may reveal an average of one to three items as a result and usually coded in stating it is a bacteria alphabetically between M-S range. On the ZYTO Elite, the professional and customized software we've added has a bacteria test (the one we always use) that typically provides a one to two full page list of bacteria found and details related, like how much stress per bacterial strain. This is also the category that we can find borrelia bacteria strains (Lyme disease) and others that standard ZYTO does not provide. It would take a small book to provide what it can do and the great differences between standard ZYTO and our testing using ZYTO Elite.
It short, ZYTO Elite helps us to identify overall, specific, and culprit issues and with the information we can design a protocol for recovery that is specifically targeted for the one individual being tested and get the fastest recovery. Much more about it is explained while being tested.
*ZYTO scans do not diagnose or recommend treatments; they simply provide information that should be considered by a qualified healthcare professional in determining the most effective proper course of action.