Suggestion from a student!
Notice for everyone, if you haven't heard, one of president elect Bush's twin daughters had an appendectomy on Christmas.  We know that it was not at all necessary.  What I suggest is if you can find a way to contact one or MORE ways to reach Bush with a to the point gentle commentary, what a difference it might make.  Just maybe!  My thoughts are similar to: Dear President elect G. W. Bush and Family.I am sorry to hear about your daughter's surgery and will pray for her full recovery.
It was really on my heart to contact you when I heard the news.  I know you are a caring Father, Husband and man that cares for his community.  You have shown this as Governor of Texas and I'm sure this will carry over to caring and compassionately leading this country which is the leading country for the world in so many important ways.  I'm sure you do not know about a great breakthrough in health research which is probably one of the best kept health secrets that everyone should and can know.
Example: There are safe non-invasive ways to reverse an acute appendicitis which has worked every time it has been applied.  It has only taken between 20 minutes to 1 1/2 hours to complete.  At this time you may not be interested in this, but there are and will be thousands that will need such help.  You of all people should know the availability of this and other information which has to often been hushed-up.
There is a gentle method called TKM® that has accomplished this and other breakthroughs like: stopping a heart attack in progress, Anaphylactic shock, seizures and more.  There have been many lives saved with this simple information.  I pray these words as short and simple as they are - stir the compassion I know is in your heart to at least find out about what can help and save thousands to millions of lives without the normal invasive procedures and high cost.  All you need is the simple procedural knowledge.  I pray you grasp this opportunity at least for you and your family and as a Godly man to help the millions that need help but do not know of this effective approach.