A mom with mentally handicap son.
Just a few comments of feedback.  A mom emailed me that she has been holding #4's two times a day and also doing the fingers and toes 2x daily.  She says he made good improvement in her son's temperament.  Only two tantrums all week and no 'meltdowns', which were driving her crazy.  Also, she reported that he started potty training.  That is just amazing for him.  She is asking what else if anything she could add to what they are doing.  She is excited about the quick results.
Also, I had loaned the TKM® video to someone and I ran in to her today and she said that she had taken a lot of notes from the video.  She has a little boy who gets very emotional and stays upset for a day at a time and they have just gone through a divorce etc.  Well, she decided to do something that she saw on the video.  I don't even know what it is exactly, it looked like just holding the center of #l3's and center of #l0's?
She says she did this with her son when he was becoming upset and after only 5 minutes he was calm and all finished being emotionally upset.  She is very impressed with it already and is talking about possibly taking some TKM® training in the future.