TKM® Instructor
The seminar/training I attended last weekend in Louisiana went extremely well.  There was an ENT dad there, and the mom was an MD.  He is excited to try the thumbs and thumbs/big toes holding for his son suffering with a seizure disorder.
There was a mom of an autistic child at the seminar.  I'd never met her before.  She brought her son to the training on Sunday when we were working on some TKM® hand's on.   She told me she can not ever remember sleeping as well as she has since starting the Median Sequence on Friday night.  Pretty excited mom!  
There were two autistic individuals I worked with.  Both responded NOTICEABLE to holding the #4's.  Instantly calmed.
The therapists there were quite impressed.  A speech therapist who put together this training is very excited about TKM®.  She will be at the Dallas training this month.  She mentioned seeing if the hospital would have a TKM® training.  The hospital, Our Lady of Lourdes, is quite an impressive hospital. I'll pray that it is something that works out for you.
One of my parent clients, is the mom who stopped a child's seizure in the mall with TKM®.  The testimony was posted on KIMA-TALK. She was so excited.  She stayed up for several hours that night reading the TKM® book.  She is very excited.
Love and prayers continually your way!