I have to share with you my evaluation with a client's youngest daughter.  She just turned age 4 at the end of December.  The three of us were in the hallway talking, and the mother was sharing how her daughter had "taken a little spill" that morning, but she knew exactly what to do!  At that moment, as the daughter was listening in, she immediately put her hands into the stop bleeding position on her knee.  It was SO cute!
We were just laughing so hard.  Later, I wanted to really see if she knew the "stuff".  I said to the daughter, what do you do if you get an ouchie on your leg?"  She immediately did the cross over, stop bleeding procedure to her leg.  I asked her what else she can do with TKM®.   She laid down on her back and started the first step of the Median Sequence.  Then she sat up and said, "Oh, we also do Palming the Calves."
Dr. King, you have a star for your next video.