This is a pasted note sent to my associates about a child with learning problems that came for an evaluation.
I definitely added TKM® to the parent training of what to do to help this guy.  I had an eval the other day of a young boy that was born four weeks early.  He developed lung problems and was on a respirator.
Then he developed liver problems.  I looked in my TKM® book and lung energy debilitates liver.  The mom also said that he sucked his middle and ring finger and rubbed the front of his head with the back of his hand until he was eight, he is now age 9.  These are the fingers associated with those two organs in the understanding of TKM®.
I haven't looked up the correlation to the #20 E.S. that are on the forehead yet.  I felt like I should give them the #4 sequence to do and so I asked mom if he ever put his hands behind the back of his neck where the #4's are located.  She said she is constantly telling him to put his hands and arms down from that position.  He has naturally known all these years what he needed to do to help himself.  To me that is a God thing.
If we can help him more with the specifics of TKM®, I am all for it!