A notice (from a student) to sponsor a class after attending a one day class.
This is a clip from the flyer. How to Heal Yourself With your hands  -  TKM®
We have moved the class from Reno, NV to Sacramento, California due to unpredictable weather for those traveling over Donner Summit.  I have talked with many of you, and all those using the techniques we learned in the EMT class are pleased and excited about this Self-Help class.
I have been using some of the techniques we learned in the EMT class on my son, who has been paralyzed for the last 6 years.  He has spasms that make him extremely uncomfortable.  TKM® stops these spasms for several hours.  
I used TKM® on a relative who has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and suffers from pain all over her body.  After one session she was pain free and was able to sleep for 12 hours without sleeping medications.  She was so excited she purchased a book and video.  This is a powerful tool to offer our clients.
Linda & Jim Jenks