Praise God!!
I have been working with a man since July who was diagnosed with neuro-endocrine prostate cancer.  His PSA was over 1200.  He is 6'3" and weighs 275 and had a volley ball-sized tumor in his groin area that was closing off his  ureters and causing problems with the kidneys. The urologist inserted  stints in his ureters to keep them open and the oncologists told him the  cancer was inoperable and all they could do was give him a lupron shot  to shrink the tumor maybe 10%.They sent him home to die.  We began a  cleansing program and I trained his wife to do TKM® on him.   I worked on  him a total of three times since July.  She was very diligent and after  eight weeks a scan showed the tumor had shrunk by 50%. His PSA was  1.2. The doctors were dumbfounded.  His wife took the TKM® Levels 1 and 2 class here in Sebring  in September.  He had to have nephrostomy tubes put into the kidneys in  October due to recurring infections.  His creatine levels reached 9.  After the tubes were put in his wife continued her daily TKM®.  Just before  Christmas, to the urologist's surprise, his creatine levels were down to  1.4.  The best they had been told to expect was 4.0.  They also checked  his PSA at that time and it was .1.  They removed the nephrostomy  tubes.
I just got a call from his wife reporting that they had just  gotten a report from an MRI done today.  There is no sign of the  cancer. I repeat, no sign of any tumor or cancer.  There is much joy in Sebring tonight.  Let none of us doubt what God can  do when we are diligent to do our part.  This couple has lived a  miracle.

Jim Robertson, N.D.