Email from a recent student
I wanted to let you know a couple of things that have been happening.  I had liver problems and am using herbs to help.
I also have insulin resistance diabetes and my armpits have been totally inflamed for over 8 months - doctors were baffled and nothing has helped.
My husband has been "palming my calves," as you taught, each night for 30 minutes. We work opposite shifts for we only have time for once daily through the week.  And now my armpits are just about normal.  If we miss a night they do become a little red, but this has made a believer of my hubby!
I have been trying to do other TKM® procedures, but time is often not an option as my 9 year old granddaughter has come to live with us... whew!  What an adjustment.
Today, I received a call from Sally with regard to a friend's hubby.  They have an herb shop across from where I work and he was in trouble with his heart.  I left work and went over and applied the sequence for heart attack.  I had problems getting the pulses together so I asked him to remove his watch which was on the left arm.  Once we did that, in a few minutes his pulses were together and he had no more pain.  Sally wanted to make sure I emailed you so I'm doing this from work.
Have a blessed day and we all thank you for sharing your information!