Email from a student
I go to a naturopath-homeopath-chiropractor-accupuncturist.  Once a year I get my blood work done up and we talk about my program for supplements.  He asks me a lot of his typical questions like:
How is your hair doing?... because I was experiencing a lot of hair loss.
My answer: I'm not losing much hair!
How is your neck and back?... because he would frequently give me adjustments.
My answer: They are doing great!
How about your stiff joints?...  at one point I thought I might have arthritis, though found out through a test that I didn't.
My answer: My joints are not stiff anymore!
How is your sleep?  My answer: I now sleep so well that I no longer take melatonin!
Your digestion? My answer: Fine!
Your energy?... I used to have an afternoon low.My answer: Good, no more afternoon low!
A year ago he took a heart test and something showed up. This year he took a heart test and it was normal!
How is that for a great report?
Thanks for TKM®.