My nephew flew from Alaska and spent a week at King Institute receiving TKM treatments 2x daily for a bulging disc in the sacral/lumbar area. He was in terrible and disabling pain, but he got immediate relief after TKM®.
There was instruction for his wife to apply TKM therapy on him daily while there and at home. He was pain free after the first TKM® treatment, and he is still pain free today only a month later and is no longer even remotely thinking the surgery recommneded would solve his problem, as was suggested as the only solution.
Dr. King gave homework, and he has been faithful to do it as well as change some habit patterns (like throwing 1000's of bales of hay yearly totally using right side muscles, needing to switch to left side so the spinal muscles remember to work on that side as well).  
God gets the credit for leading him to TKM® and King Institute LLC.  Some of the TKM sequences I remember were ABO, 3rd MOC, Spleen, #13 and I can't remember what else.  Of course, the Median application he does on himself. They are now totally convinced in TKM®.  Now their children want Mom to do TKM® when they hurt anywhere!  I spoke to him today and he is obviously very, very pleased with the results.