Dear Dr. King,
While in Alaska I worked on a woman who is fighting bone cancer.  She came back there to spend her "last" days as she previously lived in that community and wanted the support that comes from the family there.  Anyway, on my last day there Anne and I worked on her for an hour.  She also had a blockage in her large intestine--labeled, of course by her doctors.
The pulses showed large intestine (5th stratum interferring with all stratums) and some other directions.  I applied the R&R 5-4-3-2-1 and Anne applied Lg. Intestine sequence and something else.    Immediately when either of us barely touched the #13's she would start weeping.  A good thing!  Lots of emotional trauma over the years.  I left for home and this is the e-mail I received today.
"Hello Pam, 
I went over and gave her the information on the TKM® lifesaving finger holds and self-helps that pertained to her need. The next day I was able to work on her. I Did the 3rd MOC.  She is doing her own homework.  An announcement was made that she is doing better. Her bowels are moving better, her down time isn't as bad and her pain isn't as bad.  Bless God!  I know you would want to know.  God is good.  I just want to keep you current."