A letter from a health professional to her clients:
I wanted to take some time and tell you about TKM®.  I was first introduced to this method in May by a fellow neurodevelopmentalist, Jan Bedell.  She knew I've had back problems most of my life, asked if she could try TKM® on me.  I was skeptical, but figured why not.  I was amazed how the back pain dissolved away.  And stayed gone.  That really got my attention. I started praying about attending an introductory training in the method.
TKM® deals with the physics level of the body.  I know a lot about the neurodevelopment connection and I know a good bit about the bio-chemical and metabolic connection.  I had to admit, though, I knew next to nothing about the physics connection.  Since all matter is energy, and thus we are all energy, which is physics at the most basic level, it would make sense that this is a vital component as well. 
It also made perfect sense that if the energy pathways into and out of the brain can cause so many problems with our children, then the pathways throughout the body that orchestrate the physics related can cause problems.  How our organs, blood, muscle, skin, and bones function tie directly into the physics level of our bodies.
Like acupuncture, herbs, and homeopathy, TKM® has it's roots, or was discovered in Eastern medicine.  Of course, all of our roots are from the East!  Jesus came from the Middle East.  Our traditional Western culture tends to think of medicine in terms of cut, burn, and medicate.  I really believe we were created with everything we need.  Including the body's ability to rejuvenate and heal itself. We just haven't had much practice or education with it.  We are so magnificently created!  The first training I attended in this method was in July.  I was amazed at the revelation I received.
Since July, I've eliminated the bothersome daily headaches I had come to live with for so long.  My stress level is greatly reduced.  There is a noticeable, deeper peace and calm in my life.  My thyroid seems to be kicking-in and functioning almost normal.  The biggest thing is the back improvements.  It used to be a rare day when my back didn't hurt.  Now, it is a rare day when it does hurt.  Those usually come after lugging lots of luggage while traveling.  Then, I may only have a slight back ache for that day.  In Seattle last month I really handled my luggage wrong and did some damage.  However, instead of hurting for weeks, which is what typically happened, it was completely resolved in three days.
While in Hawaii last August, I was stung by a large jelly fish.  My ankle swelled up and looked as though I had this huge chain link ankle bracelet on.  It really hurt!  It throbbed!  It was nasty!  I was told that it would hurt for two or three days, especially since this was my first exposure to that toxin, then it would start scabbing over.  The scabbing could last two or three weeks.  I wasn't very happy.  Then I remembered a TKM® application for removing toxins.  I applied TKM® and within 40 minutes it was totally back to normal!  
Well, there was a very slight pinkish mark where the tail had stung.  I think those were only left so I'd believe it really did happen.  I just finished taking the TKM® training for a second time in Seattle.  I am more convinced than ever in the great value and efficacy of TKM®.  I really believe this is something that would enhance all you're doing with your children.
A fellow neurodevelopmentalist in Washington applied TKM® for her son, who has been experiencing major grand mal seizures, and now they're seeing a decrease in seizures.   They're shorter in duration with quicker recovery time when he does have a seizure.  
There are more testimonies, but I hope this is enough to peak your interest.  Dr. Glenn T. King and his wife are wonderful true Christians whose heart is to help others.  They are a couple with high integrity.  It is well worth exploring.
In an effort to help us work with our children, Dr. King set-up a training class for parents to come with their child.  Our old home church is hosting the training.   Assistance with the children, if needed, during the teaching times is being arranged.  The point of the training will be to help parents learn how to use TKM® to help their special needs children.  Of course, we all need it as well, and the parents will get just as much out of it for helping themselves. 
It's the same training that I've taken twice, and I'll be there again.  There are families in Annapolis that have talked about having a training there soon.  I put this out to you, as I put out any information I give you.  Explore it, pray about it, and see if this is something the Lord would have you include.   Three of my families took the class in Seattle last month.  They were not sorry and extremely impressed!   If you have further questions regarding this feel free to call Hillary at King Institute (214-731-9795).
Enjoy your blessings,