Blessings to Everyone,
Since attending the King Institute's teaching seminar at the first of the month and being a "newbie" to this group, I would like to share a joy with the group. Due to God's awesome love, my daughter, continues to "wow" me with her increased awareness and abilities.
Yesterday was a "major" day!  First she took a telephone message... not that it was new but she got the information correct. She repeated it, unlike her mother, and didn't write anything down.  And she has been showing signs of time awareness... like "mom, this show is about over then I will do what you need me to do."  I love the fact she is showing the signs of her age group.  Wait...she is a teenager... please stop me.
Most of all she is becoming more willing to allow me to do more TKM® on her for longer periods.  I told her I was just practicing and she reached up, tickled me and said she wasn't my guinea pig.  Another big thing... she was wearing a Band-Aid around her thumb when I asked what she had done.   She told the whole sequence and I mean SEQUENCE.  And it was in the correct order!!  Plus, how SHE applied TKM® to her hand and was only wearing the Band-Aid in case her injury came back. The list of all her improvements keep growing everyday and are too numerous to go into with the short email I had intended to write.
In Christ's love,
J. (A new student of The King's Method® for her child)