Joy is the correct word when describing the privilege of working with families who are seeing great fruit utilizing TKM®.   It does get discouraging at times, somewhat, when we come across the struggles of when people are not trying what you know will work.   You are right, though, whatever it takes!  It is worth it to see the results.
Another joy to share...  parents with autistic and hyperactive children are having great success with calming their children by either holding the #4's when upset or by doing the first step of ES #13 sequence.
Recently an 18 year old young male, seizure disorder, nonverbal autistic, overturned tables and chairs in a doctor's office lab.  My understanding was that it was quite a scene.  He was there to have blood drawn.  The mom took him out of the office and applied those calming TKM® steps for fifteen minutes.  After TKM®, he quietly walked into the lab, sat down, offered his arm and calmly let them draw blood.
They called several "big" guys in to hold him down.  They were amazed that no restraint was needed and no resistance given.  Like drawing blood isn't terrifying enough for some of our kids.  How wonderful that TKM® can actually calm the fears and make something terrifying... okay to get through.
A Neurodevelopmentalist