List Serv Member: Hello all,
I wanted to submit an encouraging report of success treating my high school son's allergies with TKM®.  Allergies have been a major issue with my son for his whole life, from ezcema, sinus symptoms, frequent illness, asthma, swollen abdomen and diarrhea to inability to focus on his studies and emotional outbursts at school which prompted administrative action.  We've tried special supplements and diet, air purification, prescription meds, homeopathics, and immunization shots, before we discovered TKM®.  His condition would improve somewhat with everything we tried, only to worsen again.
About four months ago, we were reaching an impasse where he would drag himself home from school and spend two hours playing computer games before he could force himself to face his homework, though he is a very smart and conscientious guy.  Being unable to focus on his homework even then, he would often be close to tears and stay up late at night to finally finish as much as he could and be exhausted the next day.  He would fall asleep after lunch sometimes and really have to restrain himself from lashing out at other people.
When I finally talked him into letting me apply a TKM® treatment on him using one of his precious homework hours, he noticed a difference right away and was able to get more done with the remaining time than he had before.  I've been applying TKM® 2-4 times per week, and he does little TKM®, if any,  on himself.  I mostly apply #22,  #20,21,22,  #12,11,4,3, and R&R 3rd & 4th, along with other sequences from time to time.
Now he's a much happier guy and is able to focus very well on his studies with no more problem settling down to his homework.  He says he doesn't get tired at school at all, and his teachers and fellow classmates have been commending him on his work.
Thank the Lord for TKM!