Email from a health professional on our list serve.
Hi everyone,
I want to share regarding a six year old boy I'm working on.  He is extremely impulsive, destructive, hyperactive, developmentally delayed, very sensory, and microcephalic.  The hyperactivity is so extreme, he was constantly moving, even in his sleep.  Being still for even a moment has been impossible for this little guy.  I talked with the mom yesterday and she is "Praising God" now.
Since starting the TKM® Median Sequence with him at the end of September, his hyperactivity and impulsivity levels have been gradually and steadily decreasing.   She said he is so much calmer and quieter.  After years of non stop motion, this is such an unexplainable relief!
Kind of like stepping off a merry-go-round you've been on for years and finally being able to rest.
Praise God!