List Serv Member: 1st message - Hello all,
In December I started working on a 14 year old boy that has Scoliosis.   Usually once a week or less.  His spine looks like a road sign for "sharp curves ahead".   Parents were concerned this morning, because the doctors were to check him again and if the curvature had increased, the plan was to schedule surgery and insert  rods.
He called me this afternoon and was excited... the doctors said the curvature had DECREASED by 2 percent.  That may not seem like much, but was very convincing to him that TKM® is working.  He had a big sigh of relief that the surgery was put on hold.  Perhaps now both parents will get more involved and help work on the boy.  Just thought I would share a little success with all of you.
Great news!  I pray that the father will continue to let you work on him.  I worked on a scoliosis case with TKM® and have had good success.  The client is a 26 year old woman whose left shoulder was 2" higher than her right when standing straight.  It straightened completely on the first visit, but some of the curvature came back by her second visit.  She lives an hour away and has not been able to be consistent.  I have worked on her a total of 5 times and she now has less than 1" difference in the shoulders."
Dr. Robertson