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You have heard the prescription medication ads on television that come with a list of side effects for those taking them? Well, King Institute based out of Frisco has an answer. Adapt at treating the whole person and not just the symptom(s), this healthcare organization offers natural approaches to medication, as well as other treatment options, namely TKM® Therapy (also known as The King Method®).
TKM® Therapy, often called touch therapy, is a hands-on therapy that uses the body's 26 energy points (natural energy sources) similar to acupressure. Practitioners must be certified by King Institute LLC. Institute founder Glenn T. King, PhD, CDN, CN notes that the method he developed "surpasses all of the latest technologies available in providing breakthroughs in very difficult and advanced cases for recovery." Aside from King's degrees and training in environmental science, nutrition, diet and acupuncture, he is also a Reverend who teaches his therapy with Christian world-view values in mind.

Welcome to the Educational Videos Page.

Here you will find a collection of educational videos produced exclusively by the King Institute LLC. Focusing on a variety of health-related topics, the videos communicate vital information given by several well-regarded professionals from the health, legal, and counseling industries, all centered on providing you with an informed and integrative approach to health. Many of these videos were recorded during our conferences and seminars, which are offered throughout the year.

We offer live online streaming access to lectures and seminars via a subscription option that gives you access during live events.

Other than Live Events, no subscription is needed to view all free recorded videos. Just select the video topic below of interest and you will be directed to the video.

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Welcome to the Free Educational Videos Page.

Here you will find a growing collection of free educational videos produced exclusively by King Institute LLC. Examples are watching a compelling and thought provoking video delivered by the late Pastor Jessye Ruffin who had over 30 years experience in Biblical Counseling & Restoration; Insights on Current Health with Dr. Joel B. Young delivering a powerful message on what scripture says about current events and health; Dr. Stacy Cole, D.D.S., presents a special video on the vital health relationship between dental health and the whole body; and Michelle Rowten, MSN, NNP-BC, RNC- NIC, C-NPT presents serious inside facts about vaccines. These and the other videos were recorded during our conferences, seminars, and lectures which are offered throughout the year.
To watch a video, simply go to the bottom right of the main page or follow menu tabs.  We invite you to register on the website so you can receive free Health News Updates and important announcements. You can easily register by clicking the Subscribe Free to Health News Updates (HNU) on the home page, just scroll down to register section. 
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