TKM® Procedures Booklet

Small and very convenient, but packed with vital and thorough TKM® Textbook applications in this 3x5 booklet.
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This NEW edition 3"x 5" booklet is printed on durable laser card stock with a non-metallic spiral.  It contains every application in TKM® Textbook Volumes 1 - 4 in the same order as the books.  It provides the complete left and right applications written out.  This Pocket Size Textbook (Procedures Reference Guide) doesn't contain diagrams or other application information (not room).  It does contain additional charts for easy reference which are not found in any other TKM® Textbook (Pulses Chart, Energy Sphere Chart, Lumbar Star Chart), plus the Pulses chart.

This space-saving, quick-flip reference guide also contains EMT (emergency) procedures at the back of the book, as well as a special sequence from the TKM® Advanced book.

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