TKM® Libro De Texto "Misiones" De Salud Natural y videos

NOTE: This book and videos are only for those who have completed TKM Levels 1-4, or with special permission for pastors, missionaries, and alike.
Price (may include tax if applicable):$89.99
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TKM® Natural Health Missions Textbook and Flash Drive Educational Materials (Book in Spanish)

This is a Very Special Package: Book in Spanish, plus 4 videos on TKM EMT Training (English w a few Spanish clips), plus 4 videos on Missions Book Training (In English). Plus, 2 additional digital books (PDFs), one in Spanish and one in English!

The book comes with a Flash drive (Mac or PC) and the software needed to use/play all materials it contains. 

Previous price for the book alone was $199.00  

Special Package Price is Only $99.99  plus s/h

TKM® Missions Book in Spanish (The largest resource of TKM applications in a condensed TKM manual containing the applications of Volumes 1-4,  plus the TKM EMT book material and some Self-help applications).  This book is not just for TKM Missions but for easy access to TKM applications in one book. It includes easy to use instructions with special illustrations for describing how to apply the TKM applications that anyone should easily understand. 

The added Flash Drive Materials makes it a truly extraordinary resource! 

Aside from the physical 8.5"x11" Spanish book, you get 4 Videos on TKM EMT Training, plus 4 Videos on Missions Book Training, plus 2 additional digital books (PDFs), one in English and one in Spanish! 

IMPORTANT NOTE (Prerequisite): This Special material is only for those who have completed TKM Levels 1 through 4, or an exception for pastors, missionaries, and alike.  Contact us for exceptions, when possible. 

You can bring live training to your area or country, just contact our office for more information. For Spanish there will need to be an interpreter provided.  

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