Colloidal Silver Spray 15 ppm

Our New Product: Colloidal Silver Spray 15 ppm, 2oz. amber bottle has multiple uses, but simply infection cannot exist in the presence of Colloidal Silver. Read more about this powerful natural product.
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Our New Product: Colloidal Silver SPRAY 15 ppm, 2oz. amber bottle. 

It has multiple purposes and has been used by the military for decades for wound healing and prevention or resolution of infection. 

This is a spray bottle meant for topical use. 

Notice: Social media and now the government 3 letter organizations have started using scare tactics to distract from people using any form of colloidal silver - mostly due to a man that made his own at home in a rushed way (makes it chemically different) and drank more than any one known and his skin eventually turned bluish. This only happens when it is made drastically different than what has been known for many years. So, first, do NOT experiment with making your own at home. 

Second: If this is so bad, why does the military still use it, plus your local drug stores carry it under their own brand name  - more and more stores, like CVS, Walgreens...? 

Facts: The term for turning bluish related to some forms of silver is Argyria.  It was more common historically due to high exposures to silver and different silver forms (Not Colloidal Silver). In the 21st Century only one man is recorded to have Argyria, which is the man (Karaso) in 2008 mentioned above.  Last mention: Bianchi et al report a possible genetic predisposition for argyria (May 13, 2022).

Made Safely and accurately (monitored and measured by specific designed instruments for quality) by King Institute, LLC for our clients for years - now available to you!

You find companies now placing some in the manufacturing of food storage vessels to prevent bacterial growth -preserving food much longer.  

Essentially infection cannot exist in the presence of colloidal silver! 

It is approved by everyone for topically use. Millions use it appropriately internally, you decide whether you use it for topical use only or not.  

Dr. King say he knows nothing that works more effective for prevention fast or stopping infection.