The EVOX uses the voice (VOX is Latin for voice) to map perception about specific topics like health, relationships, work or athletic performance; any aspect of life. Perception is the way you feel and think about something. Because we perceive more than we are aware of, perception is more often ‘felt’ rather than ‘thought about.’ After mapping the information, it then analyses that map, called a Perception Index, and creates a playback information packet that the body uses to bring perception to the level of awareness and allow it to be reframed. The EVOX is used to improve every aspect of human performance by facilitating a different way of seeing a circumstance, an opportunity, a problem, or a relationship.

We feel this is breakthrough technology that 80% of health issues will benefit greatly from.

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Click here to watch a video about EVOX technology.

*ZYTO scans do not diagnose or recommend treatments; they simply provide information that should be considered by a qualified healthcare professional in determining a course of action.