The truth about cancer is that it is destroying lives at an increasing and alarming rate.

Most resources talk about what to do when a person gets cancer. Some talk about preventing cancer in various ways, but offer no way of detecting whether your personal risk of cancer is low, high, or imminent. Plus, cancer prevention protocols are not personally-designed by 99+% of resources that do offer protocols. 

But it is available! 

There is a wealth of information, effective testing, and personally-designed protocols that are available and which have optimal effective results for prevention. Plus, there are recovery recommendations and personally-designed protocols for those diagnosed with cancer. 

That is the focus of this lecture.

Dr. Glenn T. King, PhD and King Institute are declaring war on cancer and focusing on bringing awareness of how to get ahead of this terrible, murderous disease. 

Dr. King says he is surfeited (fed up and disgusted) with dealing with this disease in the normal ways - people diagnosed too late and no proper preventative measures being used; and also in how society chooses to deal or not deal with the widespread threat of cancer. 

This is generally due to very effective false propaganda promoted for decades in the USA and mostly due to the ways society has neglected choices that are now available.

This is simply but sadly due to ignorance of what is available to effectively help early-detect risks for actual prevention. It is time to bring awareness and stir everyone to become active in crushing this disease that has been crushing our families, loved ones, and humanity exponentially. 

This is not another FYI about cancer. It is about effectively confronting the war that has been waged on mankind. We now need to wage an effective war on cancer. Many do not want to talk about this serious topic until it is too late. Do not let that be you!

THIS LECTURE IS FREE, because we want as many people to attend and be made aware as possible, and we want to remove any possible financial reason for not attending. If you desire to contribute for the the years of work and research behind this brief lecture, it will go to good use in helping people.

Instructor: Glenn T. King, PhD, CDN, CN