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You have heard the prescription medication ads on television that come with a list of side effects for those taking them? Well, King Institute based out of Frisco has an answer. Adapt at treating the whole person and not just the symptom(s), this healthcare organization offers natural approaches to medication, as well as other treatment options, namely TKM® Therapy (also known as The King Method®).
TKM® Therapy, often called touch therapy, is a hands-on therapy that uses the body's 26 energy points (natural energy sources) similar to acupressure. Practitioners must be certified by King Institute LLC. Institute founder Glenn T. King, PhD, CDN, CN notes that the method he developed "surpasses all of the latest technologies available in providing breakthroughs in very difficult and advanced cases for recovery." Aside from King's degrees and training in environmental science, nutrition, diet and acupuncture, he is also a Reverend who teaches his therapy with Christian world-view values in mind.
Dr. King tells us, "Many people come to us after they have exhausted medical approaches." Indeed, there are numerous studies and reports on his method that show it works for treating a wide range of ailments. "Injury, surgery recovery, physical/mental/emotional needs from common everyday aliments to chronic, critical and very rare health concerns can be helped by this method," King says. "All is done using totally natural non-invasive, non-toxic forms of testing and treatment solutions."
King is thrilled with the international coverage this method has drawn. "This therapy alone has placed us in national and international health news numerous times over the years," he says. From talks with radio and televisions personalities to magazines and journals (Telemundo, Alternative Health Digest, Miami herald, CNN Headline News and more), TKM® is widely touted.
Authoring nine books on TKM® therapy, Dr. King's most recent one, Wonderfully Made, is a pregnancy guide for parents covering preconception through the toddler years. A book for pregnant woman was penned by King. Women will especially appreciate the one-step TKM® action for labor, which is currently taught in many birthing centers.
"We have accumulated empirical evidence from thousands of people over the years," King explains. "Some is well documented and presented in medical lectures, universities and hospitals, as well as international natural seminars we've been invited to concerning benefits for nerve regeneration, brain damage recovery, immune deficiency disorders, allergies to any degree and any age, eyesight, viruses, cardiovascular diseases, parasites, slow viruses, spinal issues, bacterial infections, digestive disorders, Autism, sleep disorders, SMA and celiac."
The Institute's form of natural medicine using mainly TKM® therapy, diet, nutrition, mental health and exercise, helps to balance the body, thereby ridding the system of what ails it. Believing that by treating the whole person you get at the root of the health issue, incurable is not a word in the Institute's vocabulary.