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Here you will find a collection of educational videos produced exclusively by the King Institute LLC. Focusing on a variety of health-related topics, the videos communicate vital information given by several well-regarded professionals from the health, legal, and counseling industries, all centered on providing you with an informed and integrative approach to health. Many of these videos were recorded during our conferences and seminars, which are offered throughout the year.

We offer live online streaming access to lectures and seminars via a subscription option that gives you access during live events.

Other than Live Events, no subscription is needed to view all free recorded videos. Just select the video topic below of interest and you will be directed to the video.

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To view LIVE VIDEO STREAMING you must be a registered user for the website. First, you must contact the King Institute to register for the live lecture or seminar live streaming.

You can register by clicking the Member/Subscription Login button on the home page (just scroll down until you see it) and fill out the form to create your account.

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