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TKM® Tooth Chart Pad

The chart illustrates many body and energy correlations to each tooth

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The chart illustrates many body and energy correlations to each tooth, just like the regular laminated tooth chart.  Although, this one is in black and white. This information will help understand many health problems more easily. It involves TKM® relations, CNS, Acupuncture, ANS and other relations from a culmination of researchers around the world.

This is the only tooth chart tear-off pad known to be available.  Highly recommend for dentists, TKM® practices and other relative health professions.  The tooth to illness or body function correlations are truly amazing in often revealing the root cause or vital relations for recovery and preventative health  approaches.

The tooth charts above are now available in 50 sheet pads. The two-sided pages are 8.5 X 11 inches, designed for professionals to use as an easy reference for their patients and clients.

The highest demand is from dentists, although many other health professionals are using them as well.

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