TKM® Teeth and Body Poster

The most advanced Teeth and Body Poster available Internationally! A Full Size COLOR POSTER with illustrations(19"x27").
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The most advanced Teeth and Body Correlations Poster available Internationally (19x27)

This full size poster provides organ, gland, vertebrae, senses, joints, tissue systems and many other system correlations to provide the most comprehensive tooth chart internationally.  This information helps to understand related health issues more easily. It includes TKM® relations, CNS, Acupuncture, ANS and other relations from a culmination of researchers around the world.

There are several tooth charts available, but this is the most comprehensive known to exist.  It provides a better understanding of physical, mental, emotional correlations to health issues and teeth.

Highly recommend for anyone interested in health, especially if a student of any TKM® classes. It is a valuable addition to your wall and for your health.

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