TKM® Strategies for Success DVD Set

This 7 DVD set covers a 3 day course to improve your TKM® knowledge and skills. It also provides legal information on health rights, plus in-depth advice on starting or building a successful TKM® practice.
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A Three Day Course in a 7 DVD Set

Whether you desire to improve your TKM® knowledge, skills, interested in starting a TKM® practice, or to improve your existing practice or TKM® ministry, this Strategies for Success DVD set is a valuable asset.

This course was provided by Glenn T. King, PhD, CDN, CN, director and founder of King Institute, LLC. Aside from the teaching of Dr. King, there are several certified TKM® Instructors featured in this very relaxed informal setting to share in-depth knowledge and experience.

The course covers a wide range of topics from practical TKM® applications for common to chronic or critical issues, to practice ethics, professional and legal aspects of starting and growing a practice, and addressing issues in an ongoing practice.

In fact, this information would be very resourceful for anyone concerned with legal health rights or natural health practice rights, proper protocol, taxes, books, forms, advertising, fees, referral base, laws related, medical issues, client base, Christian or religious issues, non-profit, client interviewing, troubleshooting and many other important topics and questions are addressed through lecture, individual and panel discussions.

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