TKM® Emergency Integrative Medicine Techniques (EMT) Videos on Flash-Drive w/ Books

Learn highly-effective, non-invasive and leading-edge methods for saving lives. Very user friendly. Complete training on Flash drive with physical book, plus 2 digital books.
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Learn how to stop a Heart attack, Seizure, Asthma attack... with your hands!

Plus, learn how to stop external or internal bleeding without the aid of a compress and seal the wound without stitches.

The physical book comes with a Flash drive (Mac or PC) and the software needed to use all materials it contains.  

Flash-drive Includes: The complete set of 4 videos and 3 books (1 physical book, 1 digital book in English, and 1 digital book in Spanish).

This thirty-seven-page E.M.T. Manual offers vital information on TKM® procedures/techniques to use during the critical moments of most emergency episodes. Best to have and learn before needed. You or people around you will experience these common emergencies, so learn the most effective and natural solutions now! Included are common family / household incident solutions. Instructions for these excellent and easy-to-use emergency procedures are accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations.

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To learn more about the TKM®: Emergency Integrative Medicine Techniques (EMT) course, recommended for doctors, families, businesses and organizations, just visit the Education page.  

You can bring a live training to your area or country, just contact our office for details.

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