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As you browse our store, you'll find resources available, most of which are only from King Institute and founder Dr. Glenn T. King, PhD, CDN, CN. The educational products are to equip you with non-invasive health education and techniques centered around TKM® that promote natural healthcare effectively, often the most effective of all possible choices. We also carry natural products that work in conjunction with TKM® to provide an integrative approach to natural health maintainance or restoration.

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These products are offered as part of the overall integrative medicine approach to health by the King Institute, LLC and have been verified as sound, effective and complementary to the TKM® methods being practiced and taught at the King Institute, LLC. It also now includes some quality natural supplements. 

Natural Health Essentials

Rhus Tea (3 Pack)

3-Pack bundled savings. Rhus Tea is a natural tea used to ...

Price (may include tax if applicable):$98.75
Price / kg:

Rhus Tea

Rhus Tea is a natural tea used to fight disease causing ...

Price (may include tax if applicable):$39.75
Price / kg:

Colloidal Silver Spray 15 ppm

Our New Product: Colloidal Silver Spray 15 ppm, 2oz. amber ...

Price (may include tax if applicable):$8.95
Price / kg:

Colloidal Silver 15 ppm

Our New Product: Colloidal Silver 15 ppm, 16 oz. amber ...

Price (may include tax if applicable):$39.95
Price / kg:

Pure Sanitize

Our new product: Pure Sanitize (HOCL 200ppm): Pure HOCL, 16 ...

Price (may include tax if applicable):$42.95
Price / kg:

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