Water has a much more important role than to just quench our thirst.  The body operates more on hydro-energy than food. A human being is approximately 70% water. The human body consists mostly of fluid. Water is vital for digestion, elimination, activity, organ function, and without water the brain will not function properly and begin to shut down quickly.
Using fluid is the body's way of detoxifying via urine, bowel, tears, and perspiration. These are the main sources for toxins to vacate the body. Our gallbladder, liver, kidneys and lymphatic system are very important to have plenty of fluid to detoxify. Clean water is our natural source for providing this lubricating, cleansing hydro-energy.
Most Americans are chronically dehydrated. Most people say they drink plenty of water also. The fact is, they do not drink enough for the body to function properly. They may drink enough or more than enough to quench their thirst but not for bodily functions that keep you healthy and not in a degenerating state. If a person includes caffeine or carbonated drinks in their diet, they actually need to consume more water to offset the dehydrating effects.
The body needs eight hours in every twenty-four hour period just to detoxify a normal day's exposure to a multitude of toxins. This means, sixteen hours regulated everyday should consist of only water. No food, snacks, or other liquids. Example: Eat and drink normally for 8 hours. This includes water! Then stop all consumption except clean water. It takes an average of another 8 hours to process what you consumed the first 8 hours. Then, the third stage begins the body's process of detoxifying, which needs a daily average of 8 hours.  How many people do you know that only eat or drink any substances within an 8 hour period each day?  Most people never get to a normal daily detoxifying stage!
It is not good for digestion to drink water during meals. It inhibits your digestion. Nor is it healthy to drink any cold fluids at any time! The body is not designed to handle it without being impaired.        
Each person is different as to their water needs based on body weight, diet, stress, toxic level, climate and so on.  A general guide would be at least a gallon of clean water, not city tap water, per day.  Measuring and drinking small amounts throughout the day is best. Another measurement is to figure your body weight as ounces, then drink 50% of your body weight per day.
Example: A 150 lb. person would need 75 oz. of water per day, as an average.
Drinking a full glass of water as close as 15 minutes before food helps the body to digest, but preferably at least an hour afterwards, depending on the meal, to not interfere with digestion.
If you're on a nutritional program or any type of cleanse program, it is vital to drink extra amounts of water throughout each day.  This also applies for those using TKM® and anything that promotes better bodily functions. The body needs your help to get rid of the toxins that are accumulated everyday, even if you didn't eat any food.  Drink more water!
Some people say they just don't like water or they don't like the taste. Truly, it is irrelevant. What if someone said they didn't like food and just stopped or ate only a tiny amount here and there? We all know what would happen. The same thing is happening to many people now. Slowly dying! If you were on a deserted island and you could have your choice of only food or only water, which one would preserve your life longer?  Water - of course! We need to understand this important fact in our daily life. Don't eat more chicken, drink more water! I promise, you'll not wash away. Blessings!