I was very happy to see a special on the Discovery Channel on the danger of parasites. This is great!  It was not nearly enough coverage, but it was a beginning to make the public aware of dangerous predators that will not ever go away.  We must become more knowledgeable about an ever present enemy - parasites!
They used terms on the program such as "deadly" and "permanently disfigured" to described some reactions.  Some topics were tapeworms up to fifty feet long that cannot be destroyed, even if you remove all fifty feet, but the head remains.  Parasites that access you through the skin, what you eat, drink or breathe can either take years to cause health decline or literally hours to possibly take your life.
To most people, the most disgusting parasites are the large ones you can see that are in or on you.  But the most dangerous and deadly are the microscopic parasites. In North America, we are currently exposed to over 300 types of parasites due to international travel.  It does not matter if you have never left your home town, because plenty of other people bring parasites back for us.  Don't forget about the food sources we have and those imported for our so-called "benefit."
I hope you'll read the article below on parasites. It is a very brief view of what we're dealing with.  It is truly an epidemic in which the medical community is fairly at a loss to address.   Knowledge and prevention is most important!  Many unresolved health problems are due to parasitic infestation.
You might want to think about this the next time you want sushi or a rare steak. What about restaurant water or your own tap water? Do you have pets in the home? Then you have more than your share of parasites.  There is a way to deal with these issues within comfortable reasoning.
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The problem of parasites has escalated to epidemic proportions while remaining unrecognized by standardized medicine.  Over the years, most of the people we see at the Institute have parasitic infestation to the point of impairing their quality of life. Many could easily have lost their life without directly addressing the parasitic infestation.
Yes, we all have parasites! It is part of God's plan, but not infestation.  On the Discovery Channel, several cases were discussed. In one case, a man was admitted at a tropical disease center several days after contracting a parasite that affects the lymphatic system.  They treated him and over the years he sought out many other natural treatments, but he remained infested, disfigured, and disabled. Another case was a man that was infested with parasites that multiply rapidly and crawl throughout the body in the skin at about an inch an hour. He was hospitalized and his severe medication treatment continued for 9 years before relief.
Can they get into the brain? Of course!  One lady had been treated for small tapeworms for years, but still had a cyst full of them in her brain that resisted all treatments. They finally performed a dangerous operation and removed it. Speaking of parasite related operations, it is not uncommon to remove large fluid filled cyst with thousands of parasites. One such lady had in her abdomen a large cantaloupe sized cyst filled with tapeworms.
I know this is not a pleasant subject, but I see about eight out of ten people with parasites that are causing a variety of health problems from allergy symptoms to seizures.  They can be complicated or difficult to treat, but they can be treated. People with heavy metals in the body, especially mercury, are not only less resistant but very difficult to treat without removing the heavy metals - like amalgams and thoroughly detoxifying the body. Simply, if you have heavy metals in the body such as metal fillings or mercury from vaccinations, and have parasitic infestation - it is time to get serious. Don't wait!  If there is much fungus or bacteria in the blood, gut and /or organs, then the heavy metals become a prerequisite also.
If you have ever been treated for parasites, don't think that you're still free of them. Most standard treatments only get a small portion. Parasites can easily multiply again, migrate to another area, or you could simply get re-infested.
So, what do we do?
This is a long subject which cannot be covered in this article, and everyone is different. Plus, the parasites are treated differently. If you suspect your health symptoms may relate to parasites, then consult a health professional that has an effective history for treating parasites. You may also come to the King Institute, LLC.  What we cannot do effectively is work with you on the phone, through letters or email concerning this matter.
A few things to help prevent common infestation:
No raw or partially raw fish
No rare meat
Wash fresh vegetables well in clean water
No untreated water (outdoor source) or city water.
Do not leave food out after cooking
Treat house pets periodically for parasites (not just worms) and keep them and their area clean
Things that may indicate infestation that are not normally recognized!
Itching a lot
Constipation / Diarrhea
Non responsive to health treatments
Increased appetite, but no weight gain
Insomnia, anxiety or restless on full moon cycles
Other symptoms increased or occurring only on full moon cycles
Poor digestion
Don't try to treat parasites on your own.  You could make later professional treatments less or non effective if not properly treated. Get educated. Check web sites, read books and apply precautions. Chances are you are already infested enough to affect your health.
Many companies have so called "parasite remedies."  First of all, you treat the person not the parasite. Second, everyone is different. I have never seen a pill or product that works the same for everyone. Third, consultation is probably the most important aspect included with the treatment to effectively follow through to get and stay basically parasite-free.