I want to share another success story of how TKM® has changed the life of a young boy.  The events described here have occurred over the past month.  My receptionist has a four year old boy who was born with a thyroglossal duct cyst on the center front of his neck, just above the clavicle notch.  It was painful and was accompanied with seemingly constant upper respiratory infections.  The boy, Haidyn, seemed to always walk with his head down when people were around and frequently complained of it hurting.  Doctors removed it surgically three times!  Each time it grew back. 
For those of you not aware of what a thyroglossal duct is, it is a congenital birth defect formed when the thyroid gland forms during embryonic development.  It begins at the base of the tongue and moves down the neck through a canal called the thyroglossal duct.  A growth forms on the outside of the throat opposite where the thyroid gland would be located internally.  The cyst is often painful and can cause difficulty swallowing, obstruct breathing passages and is easily infected.
I taught his mother, Shari, how to do the #22 sequence to help with the respiratory congestion and infection.  When she would apply it, his breathing would clear within 15 minutes and continue to be good for several days.  I suggested that she apply the sequence daily since it also benefits the thyroid and parathyroid glands.  It just seemed that if this cyst was formed during the embryonic development of the thyroid, then restoring proper energy flow would help correct it.  I suggested that she pray over Haidyn each time she applied the sequence and expect God's blessing.  
After seven treatments, the cyst split in two exposing the surgical stitches from the previous three surgeries.  I was out of town so they took him to the pediatric hospital where the surgeries were performed.  The surgeon had never seen anything like it, so they just put a bandage over it and gave him an antibiotic to prevent infection and said to come back in a week.  Shari asked me about it before giving him the antibiotic, since Haidyn was not having any signs of a respiratory infection.  I suggested to her that maybe the body was rejecting the tissue and the stitches, and what was really happening may be healing. 
She continued to do the sequence. At the follow-up visit to the surgeon, he removed the bandage to find the stitches from the prior surgeries were sticking straight out of his neck.  He determined that he might have to do some plastic corrective surgery and went to prepare, leaving his P.A. to pull out the stitches that were exposed. What do you think happened when he pulled on the first stitch with tweezers?  The whole cyst came off leaving new healthy skin behind.  Haidyn has not had any respiratory problem since and the epidermis is looking more like normal daily.  Haidyn likes to go around pointing at it so people will know it is gone.  Isn't it wonderful what God, TKM, and the faith and commitment of a young mother can do together?  Praise God!!!
Jim Robertson, ND